More GIR? Know Your Distances and Distance Gaps

In our most recent survey, the number one goal for our golfers in 2024 is more GIR.  Your first step should be more distance and accuracy off the tee, which we covered in:

More GIR Step 1:  More Distance off the Tee

This should be your second step!

More GIR Step 2:  Choosing the Right Approach Club

Distance Gapping Analysis

More GIR Step 3:  How Far Do You Hit Each Club in Your Bag?

The third step to hitting more GIR should be knowing your distances and distance gaps.  This will allow you to approach your shot to the green with confidence.

If you have not done so, get on a launch monitor and determine how far you hit each club in your bag, especially those you will be hitting into greens.  Another option is the ARCCOS system that will tell you distances for each of your clubs.  The most important factors to consider when doing this testing are:

  1. Carry Distance
  2. Peak Height
  3. Descent or Landing Angle

While spin is also an important factor, the landing angle will tell you a lot about if you have a steep enough landing angle to hold the green on approach shots.

Are the Gaps Consistent Between Clubs?

It is important that you also know your carry distance gaps between clubs.  Our strongest players have gaps of 15 yards between irons starting at pitching wedge through hybrid.  The PGA Tour Average is 12 yards, and the LPGA average is 10 yards.  Slower swing speeds will great smaller gaps of roughly 8 yards or so.  It is also very important that you know the landing angles of your clubs.  If you have inconsistencies between you clubs, you should have your club fitter adjust the lofts on the irons, and, if the hybrid clubs have an adjustable tip, change the settings to tighten the gaps.  Peak height is also important.  Stronger players will have peak heights of 115 feet,  PGA Tour Players 100 feet, LPGA Players 78 feet.   If your peak height is 50 feet or lower, you should look at some equipment changes that will help (higher launch heads, softer tip shafts, lower compression golf balls).

Play a Consistent Ball to Optimize Performance

If you are not playing a consistent ball, you may see as much as a 10% increase or decrease in distance with different balls.  I know it sounds crazy but it is true.  And, also be aware of the difference temperature can make in performance.  Play a longer club in cooler weather and a softer compression golf ball.

So, hit longer, straighter drives off the tee, choose the correct approach club and know exactly the distance for each club in your bag.  You definitely will hit more Greens In Regulation! 

Go Long!  Go Low!  Have Fun!

Dan Sueltz