Best 2024 Drivers and Shafts – Recommendations to Improve Distance, Accuracy and Consistency

The Best 2024 Driver and shaft combinations is based upon our fitting results so far in 2024.    The Best of the Best are Highlighted in Red!

The usual suspects were on the 2024 Golf Digest Equipment Hot List , but a the biggest news is the Maximum MOI – 10K drivers from almost every manufacturer.  Various forums, and ourselves as well publish a list of the best drivers.  Some are very independent and some are not.  Doesn’t matter.  What our customers are looking for is what are the best driver and shaft combinations that we have fit so far in 2024, even though it is early in the season.  In addition, we believe that the shaft is the part of the club that has the most impact on distance, consistency and accuracy, so that is why we are including our shaft recommendations in this list.

This list will be updated throughout the year as new shaft offerings are released. 

We have four distinct categories based upon swing speed and distance. 

Swing Speed 106+, Distance > 250 yards

Swing Speed 95-105, Distance 211 – 250 yards

Swing Speed 80 – 94, Distance 175 – 210 yards

Swing Speed Under 80, Distance < 175 yards

We think there are more shafts and heads in the mix for slower swing speeds.  We have also thrown in our Honorable Mentions in both heads and shafts.  So here goes:


Swing Speed 106+, Distance > 250 yards

Fitting Tips:  Typically 65 to 75 gram shafts but smoother tempos can play lighter weights.  We are seeing a lot of longer hitters trying new 50 gram shafts from TPT, FreeFlex, Autoflex and more!  Firm mid section and low launch, low spin is the norm for more control.  Driver lofts 8 to 10.5 degrees depending upon angle of attack.  The new Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond 8 degree is adjustable down to 7 degrees! 

Best Heads:  Callaway Paradym  Ai Smoke Triple Diamond, TaylorMade Qi 10 LS and Max, Ping G430 LST,  Titleist TSR4 and TSR3, Cobra Dark Speed X and LS,  Mizuno ST-Z 230 and ST-GSrixon  ZX5 MKII LS

Best Shafts – Low Launch:   NEW Aretera Alpha One Gray 65 or 75,  Mitsubishi NEW Diamana WB 63 and 73, Diamana PD 60 and 70,  Mitsubishi TENSEI Pro White 1K and Orange 1KMitsubishi Kai’Li White 60 and 70, ACCRA TZ Five Gen 2 60, OBAN  Tour LTD Blue, Devotion 6 and 7, Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Green  and Smoke Blue RDX 60 and 70,  Fujikura Ventus Black 6 and 7, Ventus TR Black 6 and 7, TPT Red Range 14 and 15 LO.  NEW Graphite Design Tour AD VF.

Best Shafts – Mid Launch:  NEW Aretera Alpha One Blue 65 or 75Mitsubishi Diamana TB 50, 60 and 70, Diamana GT 50, 60, 70,  ACCRA TZ Six Gen 2 60 and TZ Six Gen 2 ST 60, Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Black,  Graphite Design Tour AD CQ, HD and XC, KBS TD Graphite 60 and 70, Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 and 7 with Velocore+, Blue TR 6 and 7,  OBAN  Isawa Red, TPT Red Range 19 and 20 HI, AUTOFLEX SF505XX, BRAVA 95

Honorable Mention Heads:  Tour Edge C723


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Swing Speed 95-105, Distance 211 – 250 yards

Fitting Tips:  Typical shaft weights in 55 to 65 grams but some players with fast transitions may like a heavier 70+ gram shaft.  If you think you are losing distance, try a lighter, 55 gram shaft or a counter balanced shaft.    Typically 9 to 10.5 degree lofted drivers with face bias dependent upon swing characteristics and what appeals to the golfer.

Best Heads:  Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max and Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond, TaylorMade Qi 10 and QI 10 LS, Ping G430 LST and Max Titleist  TSR2 and TSR3, Cobra Dark Speed X and LS,  Mizuno ST-G and ST-Z 230, Srixon ZX 5 MKII and ZX7 MKII.

Best Shafts – Low-Mid Launch:  NEW Aretera Alpha One Gray 65 or 75Mitsubishi Diamana TB 60 and 70, Diamana GT 50, 60, 70,   Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K PRO White ACCRATZ Five Gen 2 60,  OBAN  Kiyoshi White and Devotion 6, 7, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX  60 and Smoke Blue RDX 60,  Fujikura Ventus Blue with Velocore+ 6 and 7, Blue TR 6 and 7, TPT Red Range 16 and 17 LO

Best Shafts – Mid Launch:  NEW Aretera Alpha One Blue 55 or 65, Mitsubishi Diamana TB and Vanquish 5,  ACCRA TZ Six Gen 2 60, OBAN  Revenge, Isawa Red, Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Red,  Fujikura Ventus Blue with Velocore+ 5 and 6, Graphite Design  Tour AD DI, UB , VR and XC,  KBS TD Graphite 60 and 70, TPT Red Range 16 and 17 HI, AUTOFLEX SF505XX, BRAVA 95 or 85

Honorable Mention Heads:   Tour Edge E723


Swing Speed 80 – 94, Distance 175 – 210 yards

Fitting Tips:  Lighter shafts (55 to 65 grams) but launch and spin depend on swing characteristics and attack angle.  Slightly higher lofted drivers but not necessarily draw biased as there are a lot of better golfers with low handicaps in this category.

Best Heads:  Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max, Max D and Fast , TaylorMade QI 10 and Qi 10 Max Ping G430 Max, 10K and SFT, Titleist  TSR2 and TSR1, Cobra Dark Speed X and Max,  Srixon ZX5,   Mizuno ST-X 230,

Best Shafts – Low to Mid Launch:  NEW Aretera Alpha One Gray 65,   Mitsubishi Diamana PD 50 and 60, Fujikura Ventus Blue with Velocore+ 5 and 6,  Mitsubishi Vanquish 4 or 5 , ACCRA TZ Five Gen 2 50 and 60, FX 3.0 250 and 260 , OBAN  Kiyoshi Purple 55, Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Red, Fujikura Ventus Blue 5 and 6, Blue TR 6,  TPT Power or Nitro 18 LO

Best Shafts – Mid to Mid-High Launch:  NEW Aretera Alpha One Blue 55 or 65Mitsubishi Diamana TB 50 and 60,  C6 Red and Blue, Vanquish 4 or 5,  ACCRA TZ Six Gen 2 50 and 60, ACCRA FX 3.0 150 and 160Fujikura Ventus Red 5, KBS TD Graphite 50 and 60, Graphite Design  Tour AD HD, GP and VR 5 and 6, Veylix Alpina Black 573 and 673, TPT Power or Nitro 18 HI, AUTOFLEX SF505XX, BRAVA 85 or 75, FreeFlex 38 or 45

Honorable Mention Heads:   Tour Edge E723, Mizuno ST-X 230 , Srixon ZX7 MK II


Swing Speed Under 80, Distance < 175 yards

Fitting Tips:  Typically lighter weight shafts, 39 to 50 grams with higher launch and spin.  Head lofts at least 11 degrees and up to 17 for juniors.  Try a shorter length shaft as well.  For junior golfers, do NOT go to heavy standard heads too early as the swing may be harmed!

Best Heads:  Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Fast or Max,  XXIO 13 and Prime, TaylorMade QI 10 Max  Ping G430 Max 10K, SFT and G Le3,  Titleist  TSR1, Cobra Dark Speed Max,  Srixon ZX 5 MKII and ZX7 MKII,  Mizuno ST-X 230,  US Kids TS5 or EPTour. 

Best Shafts – Mid to Mid-High Launch:  Mitsubishi Diamana TB 40, Vanquish 4, Grand Bassara ACCRA TZ Six Gen 2 50, FX 3.0 140 ,  Graphite Design Tour AD HD4 and VR 4 and 5,  KBS TD Graphite 40 and 50,  TPT Nitro  19 and 20 HI, AutoFlex 405 or 505X, FreeFlex 38 or 45

Best Shafts – Mid-High to High Launch:  Mitsubishi Grand Bassara 39,  ACCRA FX SRT 2.0,   Graphite Design  Tour AD UB 4 and 5, Fujikura  Air Speeder,  TPT Red Range 20 and 21 HI, BRAVA 75

Honorable Mention Heads:   Tour Edge E723, Mizuno ST-X 230, Srixon ZX5


Once again, we feel that the shaft is of critical importance to getting optimum performance out of any club, but especially the driver.  Proper length (shorter is better) weight and flex can give you more distance, accuracy and consistency!

How to Select YOUR New Clubs 

Aesthetics – Look, Sound and Feel

In our experience in clubfitting over the years, you have to select a club head that looks good to your eye, sounds good when you hit it in the fitting and has the feel you desire.  It is pretty strange but sometimes a golfer will not be able to make solid contact with a club that supposedly matches them perfectly from a fitting perspective but the aesthetics are not right.  Be sure you take a look at 3 to 5 heads to make sure that at least 3 will give you good results.  It could be as simple as top line on an iron, color of a driver, finish (glossy paint or matte finish).  All of these can make a difference.

Performance – Distance, Accuracy and Consistency

Now we start getting into the meat of a fitting for new clubs.  The majority of the golfers we fit are looking for consistency, but whatever you do, make sure you add a little distance as well!  That is not difficult in a new fitting, however, sometimes getting added distance for a customer that has been fit within the last year or so.  Our goal in a fitting is to cut shot dispersion by 50% and add 5-10% more distance.  The factors we look at are club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, trajectory, spin, swing weight and loft and lie.  Our BGF and Fit Quiz systems make predictions based upon your swing characteristics for each of those parameters.  We then test our golfers in a fitting with clubs that are assembled to those specifications.  The results of the fitting do not lie…only when the aesthetics do not match do we have to change up the testing configuration.

So pick your initial choices based on aesthetics, but the final decision based on the improved performance you get!

Dan Sueltz