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A Lot of Firsts With This Hole-in-One

May 11th, 2018

A Lot of Firsts With This Hole-in-One We have had a lot of our golfers make holes-in-one over the years but this one takes the cake…literally!  Steve C., one of our long time customers had his second lifetime hole-in-one last weekend at the Lakewood Country Club in Lakewood, Colorado where he is a member.  Lakewood CC has undergone some extensive renovations of the course and this was the first hole-in-one on the course since it re-opened.  But what makes it really special is Steve made his hole-in-one on the first birthday of his first grandchild!  There’s a piece of birthday cake for you Steve!   The particulars:  Par 3 10th hole, 176 yards, 6 iron.  The iron was a Ping G30 that we re-shafted with an Aerotech SteelFiber i95 shaft and Winn grip.  Way to go Steve!!

New Junior Golf Champion in Colorado

July 28th, 2017

“Jeffrey finished the summer tour as Champion in points and winner of the 13-14 yr. old Championship with a personal best of 72 at Broken Tee, Littleton, Colorado. We cannot thank you and D’Lance Golf enough for your custom fittings and especially the Driver you designed and built with the custom shaft. His fairway in regulation percentage is at 98% and he knows it is due to the driver you put together.” Thanks again, Jeffrey N. II and Jeff N. While we know how important the proper equipment is to more consistency and accuracy, it is up to Jeffrey to execute his shots.  With properly built clubs that match Jeffrey’s specs, he will continue to shoot more consistent and accurate shots.  Way to go Jeffrey!! Dan Sueltz

TrueFitClubs – Our New Online Custom Club Site

July 24th, 2017

We are very proud to introduce you to TrueFitClubs, our new online custom club site.  This site will offer the latest in head, shaft and grip selection along with tips and reviews of the hottest shafts, products, and technology that can help you Play Better Golf…Faster! With our proprietary Fitting Wizards, TrueFitClubs now will recommend specific club lengths and swing weights as well as the proper shaft length, weight, flex and bend profile that will improve your game.  This fitting recommendation is as close to being fit in our regional fitting studios as you can get without actually being there!  From there you can select any club to build and purchase, or just purchase a shaft with a customized tip for your driver.  Of course, you can build your own club(s) without our recommendations if you have your own desired specifications.  So check out TrueFitClubs here… And, we are giving away a customized HZRDUS shaft during our initial launch so login and sign up today!   TrueFitClubs is a partnership of two Top 100 Clubfitters in America, D’Lance Golf Performance Center, and Touchet Performance Golf.  The fitting wizards in TrueFitClubs are powered by the BGF Fitting System, the same system used in the... Read More

All of our clubfittings are good for life!

June 29th, 2017

Our clubfittings are good for your lifetime!  Come back next month, next year, or five years from now and never pay another fitting fee! Ten years ago, D’Lance started the “Lifetime Fitting” program.  We began charging a fitting fee for our services and decided that if you are paying for our comprehensive fitting, you shouldn’t have to pay to get re-fit in the future.  We understand that many things can change over time that make it necessary to get re-checked.  Amount of play, equipment, technology, age, growth, injuries etc.  These are all things that can effect your golf swing.  We believe that custom clubs are so important in the game of golf that we are committed to our customers coming back to make sure that their equipment continues to work for them and we don’t think you should have to pay a fee every time you need a re-check. All of our Fittings are “Lifetime”… Complete bag, Driver, Woods, Hybrids, Irons and Wedges.  This means if you have purchased a Lifetime Driver fitting since 2007, you can come back in and have another Driver fitting as many times as you want for life at no charge. ALL of our fittings go... Read More

Twenty Years at D’Lance Golf

May 1st, 2017

Twenty years at D’Lance Golf means Better Golf…Faster!  Our philosophy, when we started May 1, 1997, was it takes the right swing technique, properly fit equipment and practice to improve, but the fastest way to improve is with the right equipment.  Over twenty years later. we have stayed true to our principles. Proper swing technique:  We have worked with some of the top golf coaches and fitness gurus in the golf industry.  Erin Diegel, Ty Thompson, Tom Stickney, Sherry Andonian, Elena King, Chris Schultz, Dana Smith, Trent Wearner, Steve Beech, James Barker, Dee Tidwell, Scott Wells, Kathleen Heiney, Mike Wine and a lot of other coaches have had a lot to do with our success and longevity.  We always want to put our clients in touch with the best in the industry to help their games improve.  And these coaches recognize the value of properly fit equipment! 24 Hour Indoor Practice:  We were the first in Colorado to offer 24 hour, unattended indoor practice using golf simulators.  Dead Solid Golf and Focaltron Golf Achievers were first in the industry to have equipment that was easy to use and reliable.  This concept was so interesting that we were on the front... Read More

D’Lance Golf Reader’s Choice #1 Best Golf Store in Colorado

February 11th, 2017

D’Lance Golf Performance Center has been selected by the readers of Colorado Avid Golfer as their Best Golf Store!  We are extremely proud and humbled that our customers and partners have granted us this honor.  PJ Garber and I  are coming up on twenty years in business and have been very fortunate to have the support of our friends and customers to make it this long in the golf industry.  We have dedicated our business to the custom club fitting and club building side and the results speak for themselves.  Our customers get their equipment matched to THEIR game, not trying to adjust to off-the-rack equipment.  And we do not push any particular brand of equipment, just the ones that fit our golfers the best and optimize their performance.   In short, our golfers Play Better Golf…Faster! I specifically want to thank some of our great partners in Instruction, Fitness and Golf Courses that have supported our efforts over the years.  Sherry Andonian at Valley Country Club, Elena King at Experience Golf, Dee Tidwell at Colorado Golf Fitness Club, Chris Schultz at Common Ground Golf Course and D’Lance, Trent Wearner at Trent Wearner Golf, Jeff Boyer at Eagle Ranch Golf Club... Read More

Clubfitters and Club Builders We Need You!

December 29th, 2016

Clubfitters and Club Builders we need you!  If you have thought about what it would be like to have a career with a Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter in America, we need to talk!  We have been extremely fortunate to have spent the last 19 years doing custom clubfitting and building clubs to very exacting specifications for our golfers.  The results have been pretty phenomenal.  Our golfers average handicap has dropped from 14 to 10.  That obviously is an average of all of our golfers over the years, but still is pretty impressive.  That has fueled a significant increase in business for us so now we need some help. Clubfitters are a very important part of our business as they are the ones that provide the expertise to make sure our golfers improve their games with properly fit equipment.  They are very good communicators and excellent at explaining the concepts of fitting with consistent equipment.  Our typical clubfitter is also a decent golfer and understands the golf swing.  We train our clubfitters on our proprietary BGF (Better Golf…Faster) Fitting System which is the only fitting system in the market that accurately predicts the proper fitting specifications for our golfers.  We... Read More

D’Lance Golf Partners with Fairways at Superior Sports Stable

December 2nd, 2016

D’Lance Golf is partnering with the Fairways at Superior Sports Stable.  The Superior Sports Stable is a huge new complex that features two hockey rinks, indoor soccer, baseball batting cages, fitness center, restaurant and  six Full Swing golf simulators.  The Fairways is headed by Jason Weiman with Chris Melendez assisting with coaching, practice memberships and fitting.  D’Lance Golf is providing their proprietary BGF (Better Golf…Faster) Fitting System which has been used at over 20 fitting centers throughout the world.  D’Lance Golf, based in Englewood, Colorado, will provide training on fitting and will build all of the custom clubs fit at Fairways at Superior Sports Stable.  I have known Jason for a few years and have worked with both Jason and Chris in fitting their students.  Jason is a TrackMan user and will bring the best ball flight and fitting technology to bear in all of his fittings.  PJ and I are excited to help Jason and Chris kick off the best fitting, coaching and indoor practice center in the Superior/Boulder area!

Congratulations to Our Improved Golfers!

November 25th, 2016

Since my post a month ago, we have received a lot of calls and emails from golfers we have fit on how their game improved.   I am overwhelmed by the responses and excited for the hard work our golfers have put into their games.  After all, we would love to take all the credit for improved play, but we know that consistent equipment that matches our golfers swing is just a piece of the puzzle.  Practice, a lot of play and improved swing technique mean a lot as well.  We have heard from golfers that have dropped from shooting in the 100’s to the mid 80’s.  A gentleman got some new irons and dropped from a nine handicap to a six and won several tournaments in his men’s club.  One young lady picked up 20 yards (from 140 to 160) with her driver.  The young man in the photo at the left won his first tournament after we re-shafted his driver.  One junior golfer not only went to the 2016 Drive, Chip and Putt competition at Augusta, but helped his team win the Colorado Boys High School 4A golf championship as its medalist.  Another lady won two club championships at... Read More

Employees Pick – Derek Smith and the Edel Fifty6 Wedge

November 1st, 2016

Derek Smith, our Production Manager and Custom Club Builder for D’Lance has chosen the Edel Fifty6 Wedge, Driver Grind as his pick of the month.  He has custom built it with a KBS Tour Parallel Stiff shaft at std length.  Derek gets 85 to 110 yards out of his wedge and says he chose this club because he can “pitch and chip with the most control, the reaction I get from the club head is great. I get spin when I need it and roll when I need it.  It is the best club in my bag.” “OUR WEDGES ARE DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED FROM THE GROUND UP. A PROPER BOUNCE AND SOLE CONFIGURATION MAKES OUR HAND-GROUND WEDGES PERFORM WHERE IT MATTERS MOST; AT IMPACT. We collaborated with Hall of Fame instructor Mike Adams to create our wedges and the most advanced wedge fitting system available to golfers today. We constantly innovate this process to find the correct wedge for each individual golfer to help them play their best.” Edel Golf The wedge retails for $180 without a custom shaft. D’Lance has been in contact with the company out of Liberty Hills Texas and should be receiving samples soon to test... Read More