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Congratulations to Our Improved Golfers!

November 25th, 2016

Since my post a month ago, we have received a lot of calls and emails from golfers we have fit on how their game improved.   I am overwhelmed by the responses and excited for the hard work our golfers have put into their games.  After all, we would love to take all the credit for improved play, but we know that consistent equipment that matches our golfers swing is just a piece of the puzzle.  Practice, a lot of play and improved swing technique mean a lot as well.  We have heard from golfers that have dropped from shooting in the 100’s to the mid 80’s.  A gentleman got some new irons and dropped from a nine handicap to a six and won several tournaments in his men’s club.  One young lady picked up 20 yards (from 140 to 160) with her driver.  The young man in the photo at the left won his first tournament after we re-shafted his driver.  One junior golfer not only went to the 2016 Drive, Chip and Putt competition at Augusta, but helped his team win the Colorado Boys High School 4A golf championship as its medalist.  Another lady won two club championships at... Read More

Employees Pick – Derek Smith and the Edel Fifty6 Wedge

November 1st, 2016

Derek Smith, our Production Manager and Custom Club Builder for D’Lance has chosen the Edel Fifty6 Wedge, Driver Grind as his pick of the month.  He has custom built it with a KBS Tour Parallel Stiff shaft at std length.  Derek gets 85 to 110 yards out of his wedge and says he chose this club because he can “pitch and chip with the most control, the reaction I get from the club head is great. I get spin when I need it and roll when I need it.  It is the best club in my bag.” “OUR WEDGES ARE DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED FROM THE GROUND UP. A PROPER BOUNCE AND SOLE CONFIGURATION MAKES OUR HAND-GROUND WEDGES PERFORM WHERE IT MATTERS MOST; AT IMPACT. We collaborated with Hall of Fame instructor Mike Adams to create our wedges and the most advanced wedge fitting system available to golfers today. We constantly innovate this process to find the correct wedge for each individual golfer to help them play their best.” Edel Golf The wedge retails for $180 without a custom shaft. D’Lance has been in contact with the company out of Liberty Hills Texas and should be receiving samples soon to test... Read More

Looking for Most Improved Golfers!

October 24th, 2016

We are looking for most improved golfers!  And, let me tell you, there are many of you out there.  Tell us your story from the 2016 season and get a load of pride, not prize!  The picture at the left is of Sherry Andonian-Smith who won the PGA Colorado Section Championship this year, the first female to do it!  We have heard stories, and published them, of our golfers winning  their club championships, high school championships, college championships and more.  And, every time we ask them their secret it is through hard work, practice and consistent equipment.  Take Josh Cassaday, who in early 2016 had never competed in a Long Drive contest and made it the World Long Drive Championships where only 80 qualified!  And Candace Meyers dropping her handicap from 7 to 4 and winning TWO club championships.  And, Luke Trujillo winning the Colorado Boys High School 4A championships. I am sure there are many of our golfers that had similar big improvements in their games this year.  When we conduct our fitting ng interview with our golfers, we ask them if they want more distance, accuracy or consistency.  Now everyone wants more distance, but the overwhelming answer is... Read More

Employees Pick… Dan Sueltz and the Tour Edge EX9 Hybrids with Graphite Design DI Shafts!

October 11th, 2016

Dan Sueltz, Owner and Founder of D’Lance Golf Performance Center and creator of the D’Lance Golf proprietary BGF (Better Golf …Faster) Fitting System has chosen the Tour Edge Exotics EX9 hybrids as his pick of the best clubs in his bag!  He has custom built Tour Edge EX9 4 and 5 hybrids with the Graphite Design DI 95 gram shafts.  Yeah, the same shaft as Jordan Speith plays in his hybrids! “I consistently control them and hit more par 3 greens than I ever have.  I get 175 to 205 yards with those clubs.” – Dan Sueltz Tour Edge Golf – The Tour Edge EX9 hybrid features the superior forgiveness of previous models combined with Exotics industry-leading technology – SlipStream sole, cup face, combo brazing – in a classic hybrid style.  Tour Edge Exotics fairway woods, hybrids and driving irons have been extremely well received on the PGA Tour by players like Boo Weekly and Kevin Streelman. The EX9 hybrid’s technology story begins with a maraging steel cup face with updated/improved Variable Face Thickness (VFT). The thin and thick compartments on the face are strategically positioned for optimal forgiveness in preparation for off-center hits. The VFT face is combo brazed... Read More

Sherry Andonian-Smith Wins Colorado PGA West Chapter Championship

September 28th, 2016

We have a major first today at the Colorado PGA! Sherry Andonian, PGA Instructor at Valley Country Club is the first female to win a Colorado PGA Major Championship as she won the 2016 Colorado PGA West Chapter Championship today at Aspen Glen Club!  Great job, Sherry.  She is one of those rare, talented ladies that is not only a great instructor, mentor and coach, but a great player.  This has got to be especially rewarding since she broke her knee cap 18 months ago and has worked super hard to recover her strength and form.  Can’t be happier for a super lady and friend.  Sherry brings her students to D’Lance Golf Performance Center to our indoor practice facility in the winter months. 

Custom Clubfitting and Building is the Bright Spot in the Golf Industry

September 19th, 2016

Custom clubfitting and building is the bright spot in the golf industry.  The golf industry is NOT dead, no matter what you hear.  But, the market is changing!  Nike has closed down it’s golf equipment division.  No surprise since they only had 4% of the wood market and 3% of the iron market.  Yet PXG, a new equipment company with premuim prices and performance is skyrocketing.  Golfsmith has filed for bankruptcy protection and is closing 20 U.S. locations.  But, golf participation is actually flat to slightly up and rounds played in 2016 is up from last year.  So what is happening here? The way people spend their time on golf, purchase equipment and learn how to improve is changing…dramatically!  The golfing experience today must not take forever and must provide good value.  Golf courses are getting the drill and creating more fun activities and keeping play moving on the course. Companies like GolfTEC that provide instruction, and our instruction partners are having their best years ever.  Why?  because passionate golfers want to play better and instruction is a big piece of that. And, golfers are also seeking out a better fit to their golf equipment.  Just like getting a pair... Read More

New Clubs or Re-shafts? What Matters is the Fit!

September 7th, 2016

Whether you are looking for new clubs or re-shafting your existing clubs what matters most is the fit.  In our experience, over 40% of our business is in retrofitting or re-shafting existing clubs.  While you may find that of the 14 clubs in your bag, several of them perform very well, we know that there are a lot of them that are holding you back.  We will not try to sell you the latest and greatest clubs if all we need to do to have you perform is change shafts in your existing equipment.  That is what we did with this gentleman and he got great results:     PJ, I wanted to send you a note of thanks for the outstanding work that you did in my club fitting, and to let you know that over this past weekend I had my first under-par round ever at Highland Meadows in Windsor.  It is remarkable to me that I would see improvement in my scores so quickly after my fitting this summer, and perhaps even more amazing is that the shafts you recommended have allowed me to feel so comfortable playing with blade-style irons (Mizuno MP32’s) – but both are... Read More

Josh Cassaday Making Push to LDA World Championships

August 29th, 2016

Josh Cassaday is making a push for the LDA World Championships in October.  In his first year competing in the Long Drivers of America (LDA) circuit, Josh did well in the Mile High Shootout in Denver this past weekend.  The field was very tough but Josh finished in the top 12 with drives of 447 and 448 yards against several competitors already in the World Championships. We have helped by building his competition drivers.  Josh is playing a Krank Formula 6 driver at 5.5 degrees loft and a House of Forged Prototype shaft (75 grams) built to a XXX flex (11.6).  All long drive drivers must measure a maximum of 50″ standing against a wall or roughly 48.375″ as measured on a flat surface.   Josh has a clubhead speed of 144mph and ball speed 211.  His strong release requires a firmer tip section shaft and a weight and swing weight that allows him to stay in control and put the majority of his 8 shots in the grid.  He has done a TON of work in the last 10 months to get ready for the LDA Championships and will compete in the Last Chance Qualifier at the Winstar Casino in... Read More

D’Lance and Mike McGetrick Clinic at Eagle Vail Golf Course August 24, 2016

August 17th, 2016

D’Lance Golf is partnering with Mike McGetrick for half day and full day clinics at Eagle Vail Golf Course next Wednesday, August 24, 2016.  Mike McGetrick is a PGA Master Teaching Professional, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, 1999 National PGA Teacher of the Year and five time Colorado SPGA section teacher of the year.  Dan Sueltz of D’Lance Golf is a Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter for 2011, 2013 and 2015.  The Clinics are Full Swing and Driver Evaluation in the morning and Short Game and Wedge Evaluation in the afternoon. See the Clinic Event Page and Flyer HERE…   Sign Up for YOUR CLINIC HERE

D’Lance Mobile Fitting Trailer at Haymaker Golf Club next weekend…

July 27th, 2016

D’Lance Golf Mobile Fitting Trailer will be at Haymaker Golf Club Friday, August 5 – Sunday, August 7, 2016 34855 E US Hwy 40 Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 870-1846 Friday, August 5 thru Sunday, August 7, 2016 Sign Up HERE For a Fitting Our mobile fitting trailer provides on-course, tour quality custom club fittings using the TrackMan ball flight monitors. The TrackMan Performance Studio is the world’s first and only golf swing and shot-analysis tool with totally integrated video and data. Merging video with TrackMan’s industry leading swing and shot data, TrackMan Performance Studio delivers the definitive data and visual report on the golfer. The TrackMan Performance Studio provides our fitters with automatic on-video layered 3D imaging of the ball flight, club path, face angle and more, calibrated into the video. Supported by a full suite of video and data analysis tools combined with a scalable user-friendly interface, it enables you to customize your workplace. We can choose between multiple screens, views and data to tailor the information we need for better fitting. Now we can show our clients the relationship between their golf swing and their equipment and how improvements in equipment can actually improve their contact and performance with... Read More