D’Lance Golf Partners With Elite Speed Sports Performance!

D’Lance Golf Partners With Elite Speed Sports Performance!

Elite Speed Englewood

Elite Speed Englewood

Ok, you want more distance, better consistency, and a better overall golf game?  Maybe your body is holding you back!

D’Lance Golf Performance Center has partnered with Elite Speed Sports Performance of Centennial, Colorado, to help you get your golf game to that elite level!  Learn More About Elite Speed Sports Performance here…

Step 1:  Schedule a Fitting

If you are a new D’Lance Golf Performance Center customer, schedule your fitting so that we can evaluate your swing and club dynamics.  The fitting (any of our fitting options will do) will give us the information we need from a club and swing perspective to determine what needs to be improved.

Step 2:  Schedule Your Bio-Mechanical Evaluation

Elite Speed Sports Performance, Centennial, Colorado, is the ultimate in performance evaluation and improvement programs.  Their Bio-Mechanical evaluation will blow you away!  It is by far the most comprehensive, high-tech 15-20 minute evaluation I have ever seen.  We put one of our clubfitters through the program and the results were eye opening.

Elite Speed Eva

Elite Speed Eval2

Elite Speed Rec

Once you see the evaluation and the recommendations, you will see how big the challenge is for YOU to improve your performance.  Elite Speed will then propose a program that can get you on your way to your golf goals!







Step 3:  Begin Your Program and Review Your Improvement

The nice thing as a Lifetime Fitting customer of D’Lance Golf Performance Center, you can come in at any time for a fitting evaluation to see if the changes you are making during your performance improvement are actually helping you on your way to more distance and consistency.  We are here to help you with your quest!

So, sign up today for your fitting!  Or, if you are a previous customer, you can go ahead and call

 Matt at Elite Speed 303-552-7905.

Mike at Elite Speed 760-658-1157 or

Elite Speed Sports Performance at 720-509-9567 to schedule your FREE Bio-Mechanical evaluation.

Dan Sueltz

Attention Golfers:
Elite Speed & D’Lance Golf are working
together to help you get better!
FREE Biomechanical Analysis Training Session with Elite Speed
Elite Speed is a fully comprehensive sports performance training solution. We offer privatized training allowing us to give
personalized instruction and address specific bio-mechanical and sport-specific needs. Our vision is to provide the highest
level of knowledge, character and dedication to our athletes and clients.
Driver Swing Evaluation & Club-Fitting with D’Lance Golf
D’Lance Golf has created an exciting niche market in golf game improvement. By concentrating on the three most
important areas; custom fit equipment, instruction and unlimited 24 hour access to state-of-the-art practice facilities, we
have helped over 13,000 golfers of all playing levels around the world play better golf and have more fun!
Elite Speed Sports Performance
175 Inverness Dr. W Unit 200
Englewood, CO 80112
D’Lance Golf
14 Inverness Dr. E #120A
Englewood, CO 80112