Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Irons Now Available

Now available, the JPX 923 Hot Metal irons from Mizuno deliver enhanced performance. Lower CG and an 8% reduction in surface face thickness helps increase ball speed on the face. The 4335 Nickel Chromoly composition is touted to be 35% stronger than the prior 4140 Chromoly designs.

The JPX 923 irons (base, Pro and HL models) weigh similar to the JPX 921 series, allowing all players of all abilities to increase club speed without changing a thing. Mizuno also recognizes the superior ability of club fitters to custom match today’s broad selection of aftermarket shafts for optimal performance. Tour the entire suite of JPX 923 Hot Metal Irons.

Tour the full suite of JPX 923 Hot Metal Irons

The JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro – for low to mid handicaps

JPX Hot Metal Irons | D'Lance GolfFor players with consistent ball striking ability, the Hot Metal Pro irons deliver increased ball speed within a more compact head design. Available in 4-iron through Pitching Wedge, the JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro irons also feature a thin top profile and minimal offset. Even with these irons playing a few degrees stronger than other brands, the lower CG helps achieve optimal launch and landing angles.

JPX 923 Hot Metal – for mid to high handicaps

JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro | D'Lance GolfGiving mid to high handicap players additional forgiveness across the face, the Hot Metal model also features head sizes that are about 10% larger than the Pro model. The Hot Metal irons are also available from 4-iron through a 60-degree lob wedge. Like the Hot Metal Pro, these irons play a few degrees stronger in loft than other brands.

JPX 923 Hot Metal HL – for players needing high launch

JPX 923 Hot Metal HL | D'Lance GolfFor players needing higher launch angles due to swing path or slower swing speeds, the Hot Metal HL delivers. With a slightly wider footprint and minimal size differences from the Hot Metal irons, visually these irons look very similar. These irons also feature more of an offset to help square the face.

Benefit from a Lifetime Custom Iron Fitting

Even though Mizuno offers a selection of custom shafts from True Temper, KBS, UST, Nippon and Aerotech, selecting a shaft based on flex alone doesn’t produce optimal results. Even for mid to high handicap players, getting the right shaft to fit your swing can create dramatic improvements in accuracy. On average, our custom club fitting produces a 50% reduction in shot dispersion. And, most players experience a 5-10% increase in distance from better contact alone. Learn more about custom iron fittings.