New Mizuno ST230 Woods Now Available

Mizuno ST230 Woods | D'Lance Golf

The new Mizuno ST230 Woods went through multiple iterative developments for stability, sound and spin. The result is adding exceptional ball speeds to an already great design. Mizuno’s new CORTECH Chamber encases a stainless steel weight with elastomeric TPU. The design takes stress from the clubface and turns it into an additional energy source. And, it contributes to a more solid, powerful sensation at impact. At the same time, locating weight closer to the clubface helps reduce spin rates. Read more about the new ST230 series.

ST-Z 230 Driver and ST-X 230 Driver

The ST-Z 230 Driver is a straight bias driver with great stability with off-center hits. Similar in look to the previous ST-Z, the 230 Series models feature the new CORTECH Chamber technology using TPU material. This creates faster ball speeds, less spin, better acoustics and a solid sensation at impact. Also balanced composite design provides for neutral weight distribution with deeper and shorter CG. The net result is workability in both directions with higher MOI and mid/low spins for more distance.

The ST-X 230 Driver is a draw bias driver with weight closer to the hosel. This location of weight provides for the slightly higher spin rates and a draw bias. The ST-X 230 is also more rounded and deeper in profile. However, for more elite players it is still very workable in both directions especially in lower lofts. The CORTECH Chamber and new materials, like in the ST-Z 230 driver, helps to increase ball speed, reduce spin rates and create solid feel and sound at impact.

ST-Z 230 Fairway Woods

The new ST-Z 230 Fairway Woods deliver a low spinning yet high launching adjustable fairway wood. Versatile for most players at all levels, the new woods are a midsized design, feature high-energy face materials and the CORTECH Chamber. The carbon composite crown helps lower CG and increase stability. Plus an 8 gram backweight creates more balance and shifts weight for the high-launch characteristics.

ST-Z 230 Hybrids

Like its siblings, the ST-Z 230 Hybrids feature high-energy steel face, CORTECH Chamber but now come with a slightly larger footprint. These new hybrids deliver low spin, high launch and exceptional feel and workability. And, the waffle crown and thick sole weight lowers CG and creates more stability with efficient spin rates.

Convert spin & trajectory in the new Mizuno ST230 Woods to more distance & accuracy.

The new CORTECH Chamber technology and materials in the Mizuno ST230 series woods increase ball speed, lowers spin rates and increases launch trajectories. While these changes may seem subtle, using an old shaft may result in shorter yardages, sub-optimal spin and trajectory. Pairing new wood technology with the right shaft is more important than ever. See the results first hand. With the proper shaft to fit your swing and this great new technology, these advancements can add significant distance and consistency off the tee and in your approaches.