New Kai’li Wood Shafts Now Available

New Kai'li Wood Shafts for 2023 | D'Lance Golf

MCG Golf’s new Kai’li™ wood shafts are now available – see the new Blue and Red shafts for drivers and fairway woods. Kai’li Blue shafts produce mid-launch, mid-spin. The Kai’li Red shafts produce more high-launch and mid-spin. Plus, all Kai’li wood shafts utilize Mitsubishi Chemical’s Super Low Resin Content (S.L.R.C.) Prepreg and an MR70-reinforced tip. With CGs dropping lower and lower in driver and fairway wood heads, the new Kai’li Blue or Kai’li Red shaft might be optimal.

Kai’li Blue – mid-launch, low torque, deep power.

Kai’li Blue is ideal for players seeking to move from a low-launch to mid-launch shaft without sacrificing higher torque. With a low torque value similar to Kai’li White, the taper butt design of Kai’li Blue offers active feel in the hands. But it generates slightly higher launch and spin than Kai’li White. This makes Kai’li Blue the most stable and smoothest blue profile yet. Thus, as a modern mid-launching, mid-spinning shaft, Kai’li Blue delivers stability with stronger swings and heavier head weights. See full specs of the Kai’li Blue wood shafts.

Kai’li White – low-launch, low torque, flight & feel.

Kai’li White is one of the most popular wood shafts on the PGA Tour. Its design keeps torque low under the demands of today’s high-velocity swings. It features an extremely strong MR70-reinforced tip to promote consistent center-face impact and tighter dispersion. And, a higher carbon fiber ratio in the torque core produces a smooth, responsive feel in the hands. See full specs of the Kai’li White wood shafts.

Kai’li Red– high-launch, mid-spin, low-torque stability.

The Kai’li Red rounds out the Kai’li Family of premium wood shafts. The new Kai’li Red accomplishes super low torque performance despite producing higher launch and spin conditions. Proof positive, low torque stability is not restricted to low-launch, low-spin performance. It creates different launch characteristics than Blue and White through the use of a softer tip flex and higher balance point. See full specs of the Kai’li Red wood shafts.

Get custom fit for new Kai’li Shafts

One of the most popular wood shafts on tour, Kai’li has expanded the Family to accommodate a wide range of swing types. The new technology in each Kai’li shaft helps improve accuracy and reduce shot dispersion. However, without the proper fit to your swing, mismatching shaft dynamics and heads often leads to poor results. Don’t change your swing to match your clubs, match your clubs and shafts to your swing.