Accra TZ RPG Woods Shafts Now Available

The new Accra TZ RPG woods shafts uniquely offer the added option of a high and low balance point. Premium materials, consistent construction and the unique balance point are a club fitters dream – delivering a premium shaft for premium players. The Tour Z RPG shaft enhances energy transfer more than any previous Accra shaft. The Tour Z RPG Tour delivers maximum performance for high club head speeds with premium stability, power and feel.

The TZ RPG Tour (for higher swing speeds)

Accra TZ RPG Tour Woods Shaft | D'Lance GolfDubbed RPG Gold, the TZ RPG Tour shaft emphasizes premium quality, tight tolerances and exceptional performance. The TZ RPG Tour features 10 of the most advanced composite materials and uses less resin content of any prior shaft from ACCRA. The incorporation of only Aerospace grade prepreg from Toray Japan ensures perfect symmetry, strength and power. Thus making the Tour Z RPG the smoothest feeling, stable shaft in the industry. See additional specs for the TZ RPG Tour shafts.


Accra TZ RPG Woods Shaft | D'Lance GolfThe TZ RPG shaft utilizes a new five directional ultra-light weight weave that runs the entire length of the shaft. This adds stability and increases the rate of recovery. This weave, high modulus composite materials and the lowest resin-to-graphite ratio is a first for Accra. The result is a shaft that exceeds expectations of strength and smooth feel. The butt section further promotes “feel” and accentuates the ability to load the club. The mid and tip section enhances torsional stability and a higher rate of recovery than ever creating a revolutionary shaft. See additional specs for the TZ RPG shafts.

Custom Fit for Accra TZ RPG Woods Shafts

Choosing between the premium Accra TZ RPG and TZ RPG Tour woods shafts deserve premium fitting expertise. Only D’Lance Golf has a proprietary shaft recommendation system, supports a wide range of Accra shafts for every swing speed, does expert shaft testing, and pairs that with the most sophisticated launch monitor system – TrackMan. With an expert team of fitters to personalize driver and fairway wood fittings to your swing, get started today.