Find the Perfect Clubs

Why Perfect Golf Clubs are Hard to Find.

My passion is golf and, being an engineer, I also like to know how and why golf clubs that seem to go long and straight are not the same for everyone. It is actually pretty simple. This is the only sport I know of where you use 14 clubs (or more!) to hit one golf ball. The chances of every golf club in your bag having the right length, weight, swing weight and shaft flex are slim and none. Stew Calder, a fly fisherman and avid golfer, made my first set of custom clubs for me about 20 years ago. My first comment was, “Man, this is like cheating!”  All of my clubs worked. I mean ALL of them. So when I started the company, I made it my passion to know everything there was to know about fitting and building custom golf clubs. Enter Tom Wishon. Tom is the most knowledgeable individual I know of when it comes to designing golf equipment that can be fine tuned to each individual’s swing. In fact, Tom’s books have been instrumental in how we at D’Lance Golf Performance Center have developed and refined our fitting and golf club building processes. His latest book, “The Search for the Perfect Golf Club” is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in improving his or her game by getting equipment matched to them. Even Tiger Woods, the number one player in the world, in an interview on The Golf Channel said that for every amateur player, “the ultimate key is have equipment fit to you, not you try to fit your equipment.”

Golf Clubs are Built for the Masses.

I spent a day at the Callaway Research Center in California years ago. Todd Stribel, director of PGA Tour Operations, said to me, “Dan, our objective is to sell $300 million in drivers this year. We cannot possibly fit every golfer like you can.”  And the same is true for all of the other manufacturer’s. The market sweet spot for each manufacturer is a particular range of handicaps for each line of clubs. A “forgiveness club” will usually have a very big sweet spot, large offset, and soft shaft. Why?  Studies have shown that the two most important things golfers want in irons is feel and to get the ball in the air. So, soft shafts make the clubs feel good. And, big cavity back, wide sole clubs get the ball in the air. The problem is, these clubs are way to whippy for most golfers. The result is high, off-center shots and the occasional shot that gets airmailed over the green!  This is especially true of the hybrid clubs. Even worse, shaft companies are spending a ton of money branding their shafts with bright colors and logos on Tour. So, the average golfer sees his favorite pro win with a particular shaft and just has to have it in his driver on Monday!  Now c’mon!  Are you all of a sudden going to add 30 yards to your drives with XYZ shaft?  Not unless you have it fit to your swing!

It’s Not the Club it’s My Swing.

We have all heard the argument that it’s not the golf club it’s the person swinging the club that makes the perfect shot. If this were true, every player could play the same clubs and all they would have to work on is a better swing. Indeed, every golfer should be trying to develop his or her own perfect swing. The trouble is that the fundamental swinging motion is pretty well fixed by the time you are 8 years old. The way you walk, talk, chew your food, is “learned” at a very early age. That is why the most successful golfers started very young. After testing over 7,000 golfers, I can tell you that the actual swinging motion (shaft load, downswing time, release point) is incredibly consistent from one swing to the next. It’s the mechanics of your swing that cause inconsistent shots. The only thing lessons can change is the mechanics of your swing.

So, Get YOUR Perfect Clubs!

The most important things for matching your swing for your perfect clubs are club weight, swing weight, length and shaft flex. The only choice you have when you buy clubs off the rack is shaft flex. If your golf clubs are too heavy or too light you will make very inconsistent contact. If your clubs are too long or too short you will hit fat or thin shots. If your shaft flex does not match your swing your shots will be left, right, short and long. While you are trying to create the perfect swing, your imperfect clubs are getting in the way!  With the right equipment, you can immediately see and feel the difference. Whether you are a beginner or accomplished golfer, you have a unique swing profile that determines the equipment specs that will fit your swing. This is not based upon swing speed or tempo, but on how you bend or load the club during your swing. This can only be tested on the True Temper Shaft Lab. Then, test a variety of clubs with the correct shaft on a launch monitor like the Golf Achiever to see which club gives you the best distance, launch angle and shot dispersion. The result will be clubs that fit your swing giving you greater accuracy, consistency and distance. So go to D’Lance Golf and experience the most extensive golf club fitting outside of the Tour. All fittings are done by appointment so make your appointment today. Call D’Lance Golf Performance Center in Englewood (303-730-2717)