Custom Clubs Could Take 25 Strokes Off YOUR Game

Driver Shaft Too Flexible

Driver Shaft Too Flexible

A couple of years ago I fit a lady golfer that was so frustrated she was about to give up.  First let me say that she is a tall golfer, 5′ 10″ and had been struggling with off-the-shelf senior men’s clubs.  Now we have learned long ago that lady golfers are much stronger than how equipment manufacturers make their equipment.  That is why our fitting system, especially for lady golfers, can get dramatic results!  Just see what she has to say about her custom clubs and the results of her fitting experience:

My Experience With Off-the-Shelf Clubs

I wanted to extend a hearty “Thank you!” for both your expertise with your club fitting, but more importantly, the amazing improvement in my golf game.
Before coming to you I’d purchased a set of knock-off Callaway clubs with (supposedly) a men’s senior shaft.  I figured I’d get a “real” set when I got better at the game.  After 4 years of shanking right…cursing…swinging harder…shanking further right…cursing and having miserable round after miserable round I came to you for a professional fitting.

Our Fitting Process

Wow!  Not only is your fitting exponentially different than other facilities by virtue of how thorough your intake is before even putting a club in my hand, but after all those questions and body measurements you put the right club/shaft combo in my hand from the very start.

The Results

All I’d asked for was for my ball to go straight.  I didn’t care about distance, but I was fed up with my nature walks through the rough.  You found my knock-off shafts were actually a junior flex shaft so the harder I swung the further right it went.  After putting together a proper flex shaft on a blade for me to try….What?!?  Straight, straight, straight on my first 3 swings with your new combo.  Then (being a comparison shopper and in utter disbelief that we were pretty much done) I asked you to twizzle a few more combo’s together – a Callaway, a TaylorMade, Adams….The original Mizuno combo you’d handed me was still the golden ticket.  And the best part??  I went from scores that varied from 119-124 to shooting 101 on my first round out at the Tubac Resort, in Tubac, Arizona (Think Tin Cup Movie) and 2 days later I was down to 86 on the Sonoran Course at Tucson National.  I think I might have actually cried!
You have made golf a pleasure!  No more wasted money on bucket after bucket of balls. By the time I paid for the club fitting (on sale) and a new set of irons with custom length/flex shafts, I was within a few hundred dollars of what I would have paid off the shelf at Golfsmith with generic Mizuno clubs that still would have left me wanting for more.
I returned to you for a putter fitting this week, and low and behold, you’ve done it again!  The 2-Ball putter I had was not working for me, even after you attempted to bend it to another configuration.  The new putter, adjusted for height, counter-weight and lie angle, is allowing me to “see” the line of the putt so much more accurately than before.  Every time I visit your office I come away a better golfer.
I cannot thank you enough!
Allison S., Evergreen, CO