Wood Fitting


Starting with our Total Performance Package, which includes a video swing analysis, club profile and shaft load analysis, our professional fitters will then select the right shaft and head combinations for your woods- Driver and fairway woods – and test you on our launch monitors for launch angle, distance and shot dispersion.  We will then recommend shaft length, shaft flex, shaft weight, shaft type, shaft tip stiffness, loft, lie and head design for either re-shafting your existing woods or new woods. Our Wood Fitting is approximately one and a half (1.5) to two (2) hours long.


All of our Fittings go through our Seven Step Fitting Process


Speaking of long drivers, my re-shafted, 6+-year-old Alpha C830 Plasma driver AVERAGED over 267 yards IN HAWAII at both Wailea Gold and The Experience at Koele. I hit 11 of 14 fairways on my 2nd round at Koele and shot a lifetime low 75. (Birdied the Signature 17th with a 309 yard drive). That new Matrix OZIK Code 6 shaft is the real deal. Thanks guys for making golf so fun! -Kevin S.(57), Denver, CO


Last year’s RAZR Fit has been upgraded to include two more lofts and a face area that is as much as 30 percent thinner to increase ball speed. The adjustable hosel allows the player to alter the face angle from 2 degrees open to 1 degree closed, which accounts for a corresponding loft adjustment of 1 degree lower on the open face and 1 degree higher on the closed face.






The update from last year’s top-selling fairway wood features a new high-strength, stainless-steel alloy in the face. Also used in rocket engines, the alloy is heat-treated so it can be made thinner. The slot in the sole improves the trampoline effect of the face, and a low, slightly forward CG is designed to increase ball speed.