WITB: Andrea Lee Wins 2022 Portland Classic

The 2022 Portland Classic saw intense competition, enough leader changes to rival NASCAR, but produced a first. Andrea Lee’s first win on the LPGA Tour came with resilience, persistence and three other firsts – most birdies, most fairways and most greens-in-reg. She deserved to win and we congratulate Stanford alum Andrea on her first win. With the help of the LPGA and EPSON Tour, we overview Andrea’s clubs.

Andrea Lee’s Winning Equipment at the 2022 Portland Classic

  • Top of the Bag. Driver: Callaway Epic Speed 9-degree. 3-wood: Callaway Mavrik. 5-wood: Callaway Mavrik. Hybrid: Callaway Mavrik 23-degree.
  • Irons. Callaway Apex UW 21-degree and Callaway Apex 6-iron through AW (Attack Wedge).
  • Wedges. Callaway Jaws 54 and 60-degree.
  • Putter. Odyssey White Hot OG

Club Fitting for Women

At 5′ 7″, Andrea Lee is known for her smooth swing – tempo and transition. But, she is fairly strong given the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ shaft in her Callaway Epic Speed Driver. Today’s women golfers are diverse in strength and ability and less than 10% of the female golfers we fit could use standard Ladies Golf Clubs. Ladies golf shafts are too light. Ladies golf shafts are too flexible. And Standard Ladies golf clubs are the wrong length.

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