TrackMan Tournament – Bear Dance Bash!

TrackMan Tournament – Bear Dance Bash!

Bear Dance Bash Tournament

Bear Dance Bash Tournament

Yes, we are starting Tournament play here in our indoor practice facility.  As part of the TrackMan Range community, we have access to Global as well as creating our own Local tournaments.

As a member of our indoor practice facility, you can take advantage of playing all of the tournaments we have access to or have created.

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Global Tournaments

TrackMan Indoor creates a weekly tournaments for everyone who is a TrackMan member to play.

Fazio’s Favor – Hudson Valley Halloween  October 25-31, 2021

Local Tournaments

We will be hosting tournaments throughout the fall and winter season!  Our first tournament is:

November Bear Dance Bash

Rules of Play:

D’Lance Golf Indoor Practice Members Only!

You must have a MyTrackman account.  You will sign in to the tournament with that account otherwise your score will not be tabulated and added to the leaderboard.

For the November Bear Dance Bash:

  1. Stroke Play – Gross Score
  2. Can Only Play One Round
  3. No Mulligans
  4. Auto 2 putt from 12 feet
  5. Tournament Play Ends November 15, 2021



1st Place – $100 Gift Certificate

2nd Place – $50 Gift Certificate

3rd Place – $25 Gift Certificate

Let’s Have Some FUN!!!

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Dan Sueltz