Are You Giving Up 23 Yards of Distance with Your Driver?

Hot List Driver Article 2015The Golf Digest 2015 Hot List issue had a very interesting article regarding distance “left on the tee” with your driver.  I am currently doing a parallel blog series about how to get 20 more yards with your driver.  The biggest reason to get that extra distance?  You will hit more greens in regulation and drop your scores (see my original blog post)The summary of the Golf Digest article on p. 77 of the March 2015 issue is that golfers are not optimizing hitting the ball on the sweet spot, getting the best launch angle, and minimizing backspin.  As I mentioned in the article, it is most critical for golfers in the 65 to 85 mph driver swing speed range to get the optimum launch, spin and smash factor. 

Here is an example.  I helped a young lady get 12 more yards (she only hit her driver 100 yards) by a few simple tweaks:

Higher lofted driver

Longer lighter, softer shaft

Use a taller tee

Position the ball a little closer to avoid hitting on the toe, and

Use the softest ball we could find.

A good fitting can uncover a lot of issues that can help you get more distance off the tee without major changes.  So find a Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter and get those extra yards!

Dan Sueltz