Lower Your Scores. Hit Your Driver Farther!

AofA DriverThis just makes sense, right?  The farther you hit your driver, the shorter the club you will be using for your approach shots.  And, the shorter the club you use for your approach shot, the more accurate you are, right?  Well, Trackman has thousands of shots in their Combine testing that prove this out.  Bogey golfers only hit 21% of greens in regulation from 160 yards but hit 42% from 140 yards!  And the proximity to hole increases by 50% as well!  Mark Broadie, author of Every Stroke Counts, shows that a bogey golfer will gain 1.6 strokes if he/she hits it twenty yards farther.  So how can YOU get that extra 20 yards (without Teeing it Forward)?  I will be blogging here over the next few weeks on the seven keys to improving your driving distance.  Ultimately it comes down to hitting the highest loft, lowest spin shots that allow you maximum carry and roll.  The keys to YOUR success will be:


  1. Finding the Sweet Spot on the Driver Face
  2. Optimizing YOUR Loft
  3. Improving Attack Angle and Why it Works
  4. Getting the Right Shaft for Distance AND Accuracy
  5. Strength, Stability and Conditioning
  6. Swing techniques
  7. Mastering your Driver Swing Thought