GIMAR Forged Irons Now Available at D’Lance Golf Performance Center

GIMAR 2016 CollectionGIMAR forged irons are now available!  When I was introduced to Dr. Gianni Martinelli at the PGA Show in Orlando this January, I actually had never heard of his company.  After spending an hour and a half with Dr. Martinelli, I was convinced he had a great product.  His company, GIMAR Golf, is actually based in Switzerland and has multiple forging locations around the world.  Because of Dr. Martinelli’s extensive experience in forging everything from aircraft engine blades to watch parts, the forging process for his irons takes on a higher level of quality than we have seen.  Each iron and wedge is forged from a single piece of material.  The properties of the metal are extremely consistent resulting in greater feel and performance.  So the next step was to get some demo heads in and check them out.  We have completed our testing and these forged heads will give Miura, EPON and Royal Collection a run for their money.  There are four models designed for golfers from mid-high handicap to low single digits.  While GIMAR does not make a pure blade style, the feel and performance of the NB PRO will make low handicap players true believers in these forged irons.  Our favorite after testing is the NRBX.  Really forgiving and very good feel even on miss-hits.  We are excited to be one of a few authorized dealers in the United States so be sure to come check out our demo system. And, by the way, the GIMAR wedges are both beautiful in design and performance. A little known fact is that Dr. Martinelli designed a forged wedge for one of the top wedge companies in the United States.  The GIMAR wedge line is a little limited in lofts and bounces at this time but I cannot wait for the next releases.   Be sure to come in for a fitting and experience the newest, high quality forging in the golf market!

Dan Sueltz