2023 Indoor Golf League – Participants


It’s OVER – Congrats to all teams!!

Full Season League Leaderboard (final results)

The playoffs are complete and the season is over. Thank you all. We are grateful for the fun times, great scores and good competition. All teams won something – congratulations. We hope that you consider playing the next indoor golf league hosted by D’Lance. Stay tuned.



Playoff Format & Rules

  • Consequently, we are utilizing a 10-team bracket whereby seeded teams #7, #8, #9,  and #10 will be utilizing their Round 1 score as a play-in score. The Round 1 score from the winning team (of #8 vs. #9 and #7 vs. #10) will also be used as the competing score against the corresponding teams (#1 vs. the winner of #8 vs. #9) and (#2 vs. the winner of #7 vs. #10) in Round 1.
  • Teams can play independently or on the same bay.
  • Lowest NET (of team handicap) score wins the head-to-head competition.
  • In the event of a “matching scorecard” tie, per USGA rules, the tie will be decided based on the lowest score of the last six holes, then the last three holes, and then the last hole played. If this process still results in a tie, we will toss a coin to determine the winner with the highest seeded team choosing.
  • Team handicaps are calculated through week 10 and will continue to adjust throughout the playoffs.
  • Only the 4 winning teams of Round 1 will advance to Round 2. Only the 2 winning teams of Round 2 will advance to the Finals (Round 3).
  • Round 1:  Back 9 @St. Andrews Old Course, Home of the 150th Open Championship and “Home” of Golf.
  • Round 2:  Front 9 @Makena Golf & Beach Club, Home of the annual Tournament of Champions.
  • Finals: 18 holes @Muirfield Village G.C, Home of the The Memorial Tournament.