Stability Putter Shafts Can Drop More Putts

With 46% of your strokes in a round coming from your putter, maybe you should consider changing the “stock steel” shaft in your putter to the new STABILITY putter shaft from BreakThrough Golf Technology Introduced in May, 2018, this shaft is now the fastest growing putter shaft on the Web.Com Tour.  And even Justin Rose is using this new shaft.  And now there is another validation from GolfWRX.  See the GolfWRX article here.

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It’s All About Stability At Impact

According to multiple sources (SAM Putt Lab, Quintec, TrackMan Putter Analysis), if you miss hit your putt as little as a quarter of an inch off the “sweet” spot, the torque of a traditional steel shaft can cause you to miss a 10 foot putt as much as two inches.  In tests done by the folks at BreakThrough Golf Technology, golfers saw a 56% improvement in their putts.

Behind the Technology

By making the tip of the putter shaft more stable, without adversely affecting feel, the STABILITY shaft Is a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum insert and connector, and a smoke PVD covered stainless steel tip.  This comination creates, drum roll please, more STABILITY at impact, less dispersion and more distance consistency.  Check it out here…

New Stability Models

Stability Tour – Lighter weight version of original Stability and slightly slimmer look.  Click links below to see the various models.

Stability Tour Black

Stability Tour Polar

Stability Tour Fire

Stability Carbon – Original Weight

Which Model should YOU Choose?

Personal Experience

EXO Putter with STABILITY Shaft

EXO Putter with STABILITY Shaft

Being a true golf geek, I just had to see if this shaft was all it was cracked up to be.  Would it feel “stiff and boardy”.  Could I really make more putts?  So I put the STABILITY shaft on my new Odyssey EXO Seven S putter and averaged 29 putts on my first three rounds instead of my normal 32.  I definitely saw my putts hold the line better and maintain distance control.  And the feel was really good…smooth.

TrackMan Performance Putting – Better Data for a Better Fit

With TrackMan 4, we have the new Performance Putting software that measures some very critical aspects of your putting stroke.  When you go through our putter fitting, we look for consistency in several areas, including direction, stroke length, tempo, roll speed and roll percentage.  Check out our Putter Fitting methodology here…

Put This Shaft in A New Putter or Re-Shaft Your Current Putter

We can put this shaft in literally any putter regardless of shaft style.  We have a lot of different putters to test.  And we can almost always get improvement with your current putter with a different shaft, grip, the correct loft and lie, and maybe a counter balance weight.

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Remember the old adage:  Drive for Show, Putt for Dough!

Dan Sueltz