TaylorMade Stealth Driver Review – Great Look and Performance!


TaylorMade Stealth Driver Review – great look and performance!  But I must admit, we were scratching our head a bit on these drivers.

Stealth 2022

Stealth 2022



Based upon over 20 years of research into carbon fiber technology, the Stealth drivers have a face built with 60 layers of carbon fiber.  We know this is possible because some of the newer shafts like TPT (Thin Ply Technology) use extremely thin plys of graphite to build their high performance shafts.  The driver faces then use a nanotexture cover to create the ideal amount of spin.  And, of course, the head shapes are designed for speed using aerodynamic modeling to create maximum speed right before impact.

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The dull or matte look on the crown is pleasing to most customers we have had demo the drivers.  The red face is interesting for sure and has a certain appeal.  Remember the white RBZ?  Not nearly as dramatic.


This is where we have really been surprised.  A very realistic driver sound…not a “thud” or hollow sound.  A very pleasing sound at impact.  The Stealth does sound a little different than the Stealth Plus but still very good.


We have had golfers with swing speeds from 75 to 120 test these driver heads and all are complimentary of the feel at impact.  No real “jumping off the face” but good solid feel at impact.


This is where the rubber meets the road.  In our fittings, we look for the ability to get the maximum ball speed across as wide of area on the face as possible.  This means smash factor is right around 1.50 consistently.  Check that box!  We also look for acceptable spin rates comparable or better than other heads we have tested.  The Stealth is right there with all of their models.    Sub 2500 rpm on all models except the ladies.  And we look for launch angles that are consistent for the lofts of the drivers.  Pretty much dead on.  Maybe the Stealth Plus is a little lower launching but very close.

Models Available

Stealth  Right Hand 9*, 10.5*, 12*;  Left Hand 9*, 10.5*

Stealth Plus  Right Hand 8*, 9*, 10.5*;  Left Hand 9*, 10.5*

Stealth HD   Right Hand 9*, 10.5*, 12*;  Left Hand 9*, 10.5*

Stealth HD Women’s  Right Hand only 12*

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Bottom Line

Definitely in the mix for any handicap and swing speed.  Stealth is better for swing speeds under 95 and has a slightly closed face.  Stealth Plus is a low spin machine for higher swing speeds.  And the 8.0 degree driver that can be turned down to 6 degrees is a BIG plus for heavy hitters.

Dan Sueltz