Recoil DART Iron Shafts Are Impressive

Recoil DART Shafts

Recoil DART Shafts

The new light weight graphite Recoil DART iron shafts from UST Mamiya are impressive!


UST Mamiya has taken the Recoil shaft model to another level with this new light weight iron shaft.  By focusing on improving the hoop strength throughout the shaft, the Recoil DART shaft will improve accuracy and consistency.  This is because the improved hoop strength prevents ovaling which means the shaft will bend but return to normal more consistently.  I am sure UST thought the name would be synonymous with “throwing darts at the pin!”. 

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The Recoil DART shafts are available in two weights, 65 and 75 grams.  UST uses a flex designation system of F1-F5 with F1 – Ladies, F2 – Senior, F3 – Regular, F4 – Stiff and F5 – Extra Stiff.

Both the 65 and 75 models are available in A, R and S flexes.

See the UST Mamiya Specifications Here.


These shaft are designed for slower swing speeds, i.e. 55 – 65 mph with  a 6 or 7 iron or under 85 mph driver speed.  Perfect shafts for juniors, as well as some ladies and senior golfers!

Trajectory is mid-high with mid-high spin as well.  

These shafts also rank in the top 5% of all shafts we have tested in this weight and flex category.

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Dan Sueltz