Your Next Golf Equipment Purchase

2015-12-09 09.53.28Your next golf equipment purchase will be?  Based upon surveys by Golf Digest, it will either be a driver or a set of irons.  What are your thoughts?  (Take our survey on our clubfitting page here).  If you just finished your season here in the northern hemisphere, you should seriously evaluate what equipment caused you issues in your game this season (see previous blog on fitting here).  If you are in the southern hemisphere, your season is just getting started and NOW is the time to make those equipment decisions that will shape your game this season.

If you are struggling off the tee for distance, accuracy or consistency, make sure you get your driver dialed in!  The driver is arguably the toughest club in the bag to fit but it is THE club that gives you confidence for the rest of your game.  Maybe it is just a new shaft that is needed.  If your driver is over five years old, technology has changed …. a lot.

Same goes for irons.  You need to be confident that your distance gaps are consistent and so are your misses.  A solid iron fitting can give you back distance you may have lost over the years, and improve your consistency and accuracy.  New irons like the PXG 0311 line have dramatic performance improvements over what you may have in your bag now.  Need more height to stop the ball effectively on the green?  New irons from Ping and Callaway can help with that.

Most of the golfers we fit are struggling with consistency with their fairway woods or hybrids.  Or, they have a major issue with distance gaps.  Maybe a 17 degree 4 wood is in order instead of a 15 degree 3 wood.  Is it time to dump the 4 or 5 iron and go to a more consistent hybrid?

Having trouble from 125 yards in?  Is there a big gap between your PW and the next wedge in your bag?  Can you confidently check up a chip with that wedge that has been in your bag for 10 years (maybe the grooves are all gone.)?  Poor gapping can cost you 3-4 strokes a round.

Are you a sub-30 putter?  Can you consistently 2-putt from almost anywhere on the green.  Is your putting erratic?  Time for a look at your putter and see what improvements can be made.

An have you looked at the ball you are playing lately?  I am surprised how many golfers actually play with balls that they find but have no consistency in WHICH ball they play.  Your golf ball choice can have a huge impact on distance, accuracy and feel around the green.  Pick one and stay with it!

So, take some time and figure out which part of your game is causing you to not have as much fun and fix it!  You really can buy a game so make sure you are spending your money on the right equipment!

Dan Sueltz