Get a Clubfitting While Your Swing is Still Grooved

Derek Miura 501Get a clubfitting while your swing is still grooved.  Now that the season in the northern climates of the world is getting a little cooler, take an introspective look at your game and then go get a good clubfitting.  Golf Digeststix has a couple of insights about making sure you have a qualified clubfitter that can actually interpret the launch monitor data, have mulitple head and shaft options to choose from and use the ball for testing that you actually play.

The first thing you should do is take a look at where you were successful (putting, chipping, driving?) and where you struggled (hybrids, distance gaps, accuracy with irons?).  Be honest and think about where you lost strokes and what happened (thin, fat, poor contact, slice, hook?).  Your fitter should as you a lot of questions about your shots and what you want to accomplish:  Improved Accuracy?  Increased Distance?  More Consistency?  Then you should concentrate on what segments of your game are costing you the most strokes and eroding your confidence.

Clubfitting while your swing is still is still in good shape will make the assessment by your fitter easier as well.  While getting your swing in shape next spring is like riding a bicycle, there will be more inconsistent shots and you may not feel as comfortable with the results.  Even if you are looking for new clubs and some of the clubs are not out yet, you can take advantage of certain companies offers for “lifetime” fittings so you can do a quick tune-up in the spring as new clubs come out.  Many clubfitters will also recommend that you can re-shaft your existing equipment to improve performance.  By changing the shaft and grip, you can dramatically improve distance, accuracy and consistency of your golf shots.  And, improving those aspects across all clubs in your bag will improve your confidence.  And that, my fellow golfers, is what playing better golf is all about…confidence!

Dan Sueltz