More GIR Step 2: Choose the Right Approach Club

Hit This GIR!

In our most recent survey, the number one goal for our golfers in 2024 is more GIR.  Your first step should be more distance and accuracy off the tee, which we covered in:

More GIR Step 1:  More Distance off the Tee

This should be your second step!

More GIR Step 2:  Choosing the Right Approach Club

Club Up!

Face it!  When judging distance to the green you expect to hit your PERFECT shot 90% of the time, right?  Well, maybe 20-30% of the time!  So, here are some tips for hitting more GIR on approach shots:

  1. Know your shot tendencies from the target approach distance.  Do you miss right?  Left?  Understand what a missed approach shot will do for your chances for par.
  2. Plan on being 10% short and club up!  Think about it.  How often do you fly the green…yep, almost never.  Especially on longer approach shots.

Physics of Longer Clubs:  Irons or Hybrids

No matter what the manufacturers say, we just do not hit our longer irons (4, 5, 6) with the consistency (direction and accuracy) of a hybrid.  And, for slower swinging golfers (6 0r 7 iron under 130 yards), you should be looking at hybrids as they are more forgiving and launch higher for better landing into the green.  Today’s hybrids are so forgiving and efficient, they are literally 10% longer and more forgiving than hybrids that are five or more years old.

Now that I have said this, you are going “yeah right!  My hybrids suck..”  My retort is that you do not have the proper shafts!  Stock hybrid shafts are typically the wrong weight, length, and certainly way too flexible.  The result is poor contact (erratic distance and direction), tendency to draw/hook or fade/slice, and a lot of fat or topped shots.

Stronger Player:  Wedges are Key

I know, its crazy, but the number of golfers we see hitting a Pitching Wedge 160 yards is getting more common.  Darn kids!  For you long knockers, we recommend having fewer clubs at the top of your bag and more wedges for distance control.  Lower handicap players are very confident in not only lofts of their clubs, but the ability to finesse the shots they need for a particular distance.

Get fit for wedges so that you have no more than 15 yards between clubs.   PW 150, AW/GW 135, etc.  You may even need a 62 degree wedge in your bag!

Get Fit and Get YOUR Approach Shots Dialed In

With a proper fitting for hybrids and irons, you will see your distance increase, accuracy improve and consistency take a quantum leap!  And, we will help you gap your approach shots so you know EXACTLY what to expect.

Dan Sueltz