Cobra F8 Milled Face Driver

Cobra F8 Milled Face

Cobra F8 Milled Face

Cobra F8 Milled Face Driver

Cobra Golf has long been an innovator in equipment, especially drivers and their rail technology on their hybrids and fairway metals.  So what’s so hot about the new F8 family?

CNC Milled Face

With CNC milling, the face of the driver is now far more consistent than ever before.  This means the actual “hotness” of the face as measured by CT (see related article here) is more consistent.  Now, the driver you buy is as good or better than the one you tested in your fitting.

Dual Roll Means Straighter Shots

This has been a staple of the Cobra driver design since the ZL line.  Cobra researchers knew that most miss-hits were low heel or high toe so they designed a face that provided straighter shots with less loss of distance on those shots.

Aerodynamic Design for Higher Clubhead Speed

With the 360 degree Aero technology, the F8 drivers can provide up to 2 mph higher clubhead speed versus conventional driver design.

Bottom Line

We have tested the new Cobra F8 with our test team and the results are in:

Clubhead Speed:  Average increase 1.2 mph

Smash Factor:  Average 1.495

Distance Increase:  Average +8.5 yards

Shot Dispersion:  Average reduction 23%

Tests were done indoors with TrackMan, TaylorMade TP5X ball and against our testers current driver.