Our Best Performing Iron Shafts 2017 and New For 2018

Our Best Performing Iron Shafts.

We fit a LOT of different golfers every year and the shafts we put into their irons (and wedges) is determined by our BGF Fitting System, TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard and player testing during the fitting.  Our fitting recommendations include length of iron, shaft weight, shaft trajectory and spin profile, shaft flex, and swing weight.  Loft and lie are determined by launch monitor testing.  The recommendations are determined by a golfers physical characteristics (height, weight, wrist crease-to-floor), strength (distance), launch characteristics (actual and desired trajectory, spin, dispersion), and swing dynamics (tempo, transition and release point).

When we test in our dynamic fitting sessions, we choose 4-5 shafts that match the BGF Fitting System recommendations, and then test on TrackMan for performance with a head chosen by our fitters and the golfer.  Once we determine the best performing shaft, we try different heads to narrow down the selection.  When using our TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard, we rely on our golfers description of their shot shape and desired results.

Bottom line is that these shafts have done the best job of increasing our golfers distance, accuracy and consistency.  They are also the best in terms of consistency for our club building team.  

Because each golfer has a unique set of performance criteria, lets categorize the best performing shafts by strength of player and show different weight, launch and spin characteristics for each:

Shaft                                 Weight            Trajectory      Spin

Strongest Players (6 iron over 200 yards)

True Temper X7             132gr                    Low             Low

Project X LZ Steel 6.5   125gr                   Low-Mid      Low-Mid

Rifle 6.0 and 7.0          125-130gr               Mid              Mid

OBAN CT 115                  115gr                      Mid              Mid

KBS C-Taper X             120gr                     Low-Mid       Low-Mid

Nippon Modus 125       125gr                     Low-Mid       Low-Mid

Stronger Players (6 iron 175-200 yards)

True Temper TI X100   128gr                   Low-Mid        Low-Mid

OBAN CT 115                  115gr                     Mid                  Mid

Project X LZ Steel 6.0    120gr                   Mid                  Mid

Rifle 5.0 and 6.0           115-125gr               Mid                  Mid

KBS $ Taper S                 115gr                  Low-Mid        Low-Mid

Nippon Modus 120         120gr                   Mid                  Mid

Average Player (6 iron 150-175 yards)

True Temper S300       128 gr                 Low-Mid           Low-Mid

OBAN CT 115                   115                      Mid                     Mid

KBS C-Taper Lite           110                     Mid-High          Mid-High

Nippon Modus 105         105                     Mid                      Mid

Aerotech SteeFiber i95   95gr                  Mid                      Mid

OBAN i83 and i93          83-93gr             Mid-High          Mid-High

ACCRA i80 and i90      85-95gr              Mid                      Mid

Nova Tech i800             80-90                 Mid                      Mid

UST Recoil 800             80-90gr             Mid-High          Mid-High

Slower Swing Speeds (6 iron 110-150 yards)

Fujikura Pro                   70-80gr              Mid-High          Mid-High

UST Recoil 600              60-75gr              Mid-High          Mid-High

Aerotech SteelFiber i70  70-75gr             Mid-High          Mid-High

Nova Tech i700               70-75gr              Mid-High          Mid-High

Veylix 473, 673                50-65gr             Mid-High           Mid-High

Shafts to Look For In 2018

We profile over 2,500 unique shafts each year for our shaft profiling system.   The hot new shafts we see coming on the scene in 2018 include the lightweight steel options from True Temper:  Dynamic Gold 105, Dynamic Gold 120 and XP 100, The True Temper AMT White, AMT Red and AMT Black Series, and the OBAN CT 100.    What is unique here is that we have seen the ultralite steel shafts (under 100 grams) almost disappear from the OEM and aftermarket categories as the performance has not been that great.  That is, IMO, because the shafts play so weak to their designated flex that the golfers playing them get poor consistency and distance control.

There will be a number of new shafts coming in 2018 from Fujikura, Mitsubishi Chemical, UST Mamiya, and others.  As always, we test and categorize these shafts in our shaft profiling system so we can literally choose multiple shaft options in various price categories for our customers.  To see what shafts may work for you, go to our TrueFitClubs site and go through our Fitting Wizard!

Dan Sueltz