Project X LZ Steel Shaft Review


Project X LZ Steel shafts were tested and reviewed this week and so far we love what we see. The Project X LZ Steel shafts come in four different flexes and weights:  5.0 (R flex) at 110gr, 5.5 (R+ flex) at 115gr, 6.0 (S flex) at 120gr, and 6.5 (S+ flex) at 125gr.  The Project X LZ steel takes a chapter out of the book from the original LZ graphite shaft.  The Loading Zone (LZ) for the lighter shafts will result in a slightly higher launch and spin than the stiffer, heavier shafts.  Great design idea and our testing proved this to be the case.

All of our tests were done indoors using TrackMan and the Callaway Chrome Soft ball.  All testers used shafts that matched their fitting specs as closely as possible.   According to our tests, the 5.0 and 5.5 flexes launched about the same as the KBS Tour R and C-Taper Lite R but slightly higher than the XP 115 R flex.  In the 6.0 and 6.5 flexes, the LZ Steel was slightly higher launch than the XP 115 S but lower than the C Taper R and KBS Tour S.  Depending upon your ball flight desires, you could even consider playing a softer flex, say 5.0, but hard stepped in your longer irons and a firmer flex, say 5.5, but regular or soft stepped in your shorter irons.  This would give you a higher ball flight in your longer irons and a lower ball flight in your lower irons.  We did find, however, that the lighter 5.0, and 5.5 flexes play a little soft to flex so you may want to consider hard stepping once or even twice to get to your desired flex.

One interesting thing we found with every one of our testers.  The smash factor for the LZ Steel shafts was consistently above ALL of the other shafts.  This means that the Loading Zone is delivering a little more pop at impact creating a little more ball speed, and therefor more distance.  While this is not conclusive at this point, it is something we will look for in all of our fittings.  All of the testers liked the feel of the shaft during the downswing and at impact…more of a feeling of the shaft loading and unloading but not feeling “whippy”.

If you need a little more feel and feedback from your irons, now is the time to check out this great new shaft!

And, if you are ready to reshaft your existing irons with these exciting shafts, you can either contact us at [email protected] or go to our online clubfitting and clubbuilding site,  Specifically, check out our reshaft process here.  

Dan Sueltz