What New Irons Should YOU Play in 2016?

MP-25New irons in your future for 2016?  Well, you have a lot of new stuff to choose from!  It seems like every manufacturer is looking for more distance with no sacrifice in forgiveness.  But YOU need to make your own choice!  If you are truly looking for distance and are a mid to high handicapper, I would look at the Callaway Big Bertha, Mizuno JPX-EZ, Cobra King F6, Ping G Max and Titleist AP1.   If you are looking for both distance and forgiveness and are a low to mid handicapper, our best bets are Mizuno MP-25, Ping I, TaylorMade Psi, Callaway Apex Pro or CF 16, PXG 0311, and Titleist AP2.  And if you are a low handicapper that likes the feel of forged irons, look no further than the Miura CB57 or blades, and Mizuno MP-5.  Of course, a lot of low handicap players are doing mixed sets of cavity back irons in longer clubs and traditional muscle back irons in shorter clubs (7-PW).  Even Phil Mickleson has switched to the Callaway Apex Pro irons at the top end of his bag.

Another consideration is when and at what club do you switch from a traditional iron to a hybrid?  Longer irons are traditionally harder to hit solidly and miss-hits cause a bigger loss of distance.  I know we will see a lot more 5 and 6 hybrids go into even our better players bags in 2016.  They are more versatile from a variety of lies as long as the shafts are complimentary to the rest of your irons (see my blog post on hybrids).

So, if you are looking for new irons and have not been in for an iron fitting, get going! The 2016 season is just around the corner!

Dan Sueltz