Do Your Hybrid Shafts REALLY Fit you?

Iron Shafts 2015Stock hybrid shafts are all over the map these days.  In our fitting sessions, hybrid shafts are notoriously light weight, soft flex, and even a little too long for most of our golfers.  The major equipment manufacturers try to put light, soft flex shafts in their hybrids so that golfers will be able to hit higher, longer shots that land softly.  The problem is, if your swing is even slightly more aggressive than normal, you will cause these light, soft shafts to react with either a high pull/draw or a low slice/fade.  A lot of our golfers that can hit these hybrids well have learned to really slow down their tempo to control the ball flight.  So, the three major issues with these stock shafts is lack of consistent distances, wide shot dispersion, and inconsistent contact (fat and/or thin).  This is because the hybrid shaft is bending way too much and causing a lot of toe droop (fat shots) and forward lean (high shots, thin hits) depending upon the golfers tempo, transition and release.  By properly fitting your hybrid shafts to match more closely to your irons, we can give you MUCH more control and consistency.  If you have hybrid(s) in your bag but are less than pleased with their performance, you owe it to yourself to get fit for either just your hybrid shafts or do a complete lifetime fitting so we can gap your distances for your hybrids, irons and fairway woods.

Dan Sueltz