New Steel Shafts Offer Options for Lighter Weight


New steel shafts from Project X and OBAN offer options for lighter weights than the traditional heavy shafts like True Temper Dynamic Gold and KBS Tour.  The Project X LZ (loading zone) shaft we discussed in last weeks post, offer weights starting at 110 grams in the 5.0 (Regular) flex and going up to 125 grams in the 6.5 (X Stiff) flex.  These shafts give golfers an option to still play steel shafts but reduce the weight to give more comfort in the swing and potentially pick up a little speed and distance.  The Project X LZ Steel shaft is only available through True Temper Performance Fitting Centers.

OBAN Steel Holographic Label

OBAN, traditionally a graphite shaft manufacturer,  just introduced their CT-115 constant weight taper shafts for demo purposes this week.  We have profiled these shafts and find their approach very exciting.  The weights will remain constant at 115-117 grams but we will be able to build sets from roughly Regular flex to X Stiff.  This gives us a LOT of flexibility in creating sets for a wide range of golfers.  To accomplish this, OBAN CT-115 shafts are available in 12 different lengths.  This allows us to build different flex sets by selecting the proper length, similar to hard and soft stepping but with a couple more shafts to work with.  We have multiple demos in stock for testing and will post a complete review next week.  OBAN is the exclusive Sales Agent for Shimada Golf in North America, the high quality Japanese shafts.  The OBAN CT-115 is a perfect weight and flex complement to  the SHIMADA line so it looks like OBAN is going after the steel golf shaft market in a big way.

So, with these new shafts in addition to the already existing lighter weight options like the XP 95, 105, 115, C-Taper Lite, KBS 105, etc., there are a lot of options for you if you are looking for a slightly lighter steel shaft than those heavy shafts you might currently be playing.

Dan Sueltz