KBS TGI Tour Graphite Iron Gets First Tour Victory

KBS TGI Tour Graphite Iron Gets First Tour Victory

Lydia Ko captured her first LPGA Tour victory in over two years with her win at the LPGA MEDIHEAL Classic.  Not only is she a member of PXG Troops with a full bag of PXG woods, irons and wedges, but she put the new KBS TGI Tour 80 gram shafts in her irons.   This is KBS’ first win on any tour with its new graphite irons.  The KBS TGI Tour 80 profiles very similar to the KBS Tour 90 steel shaft and can be tipped to play slightly stiffer.

Here is more on these new graphite shafts from a traditionally steel shaft company:

KBS Introduces Graphite Iron Shafts – KBS TGI Tour Graphite Iron


Following on the heels of the very successful launch of the KBS Tour Prototype Hybrid Graphite shafts, KBS has released the new TGI Tour Graphite Iron shafts.  These shafts are designed to play very similar to their KBS Steel counterparts, with the same Elasticity Index.

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Available in 50, 60, 70 and 80 gram weights

The good news is that now we have something to fit golfers from juniors needing a lighter weight shaft (50 or 60 gram) to stronger players needing slightly heavier shafts (70 or 80 grams).


TGI Tour Graphite 50    Best for beginner golfers with slow swing speeds and juniors.

TGI Tour Graphite 60   Juniors transitioning from  US Kids and slower swing speed adults.

TGI Tour Graphite 70   Juniors, medium swing speed adults with smooth transitions.

TGI Tour Graphite 80   Medium swing speed adults wanting higher ball flight.

Each weight is its own flex

The 50 gram shaft is the softest flex, roughly a Ladies flex.  The 60 gram shaft would be designated as A (Senior flex).  The 70 gram shaft would be roughly a Men’s Regular flex and the 80 gram shaft would be designated as a Men’s Stiff flex.  This is a little misleading as we can literally build multiple flexes from each shaft with some overlap.  From a club builders perspective, these shafts come in a parallel tip (.370 inches) with a long tipping section.  This means we can build a variety of flexes in each weight.  The larger tip section follows the design of most game improvement iron and hybrid heads which have a .370 inch hosel diameter.

Shaft Trajectory and Spin:  High to Mid-High

These shafts have a tip section that creates a higher trajectory and higher spin.  The profile of the KBS TGI is very similar to the KBS Tour 90 steel shaft.  This is really a very good design as most golfers playing lighter weight shafts in their irons are looking for more height in their shots.  Again, from a club builders perspective, we can modify the trajectory slightly lower or higher by how we trim the shafts to get to a specific flex when building the clubs.

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We are really excited about having these shafts in our fitting arsenal!

Dan Sueltz