How to Play Better Golf Faster

How to Play Better Golf Faster

Components of Better Performance

Components of Better Performance

The Game Improvement Components

To play any sport, or any life endeavor to the best of your ability, you need four main components:  Ability, Proper Tools, Training, and Practice.  Players like Lydia Ko, Justin Rose, and others have worked hard to improve and become the best in their sports based on these four components. There are also additional components like nutrition, fitness and mental focus, but we will not cover those here.

We founded our custom club fitting and club building business on these principles, but, our argument is that if you want to play Better Golf…Faster, the quickest way to improve is with the right equipment, or tools for the job.

Properly Fit Equipment:

We believe that properly fit golf clubs will make it easier for the golfer to swing the clubs and make consistent contact.  The biggest challenge is that golf comes in sets of 14 clubs.  What?  You don’t have 14 tennis racquets or 14 baseball bats?  The challenge is to not only get all 14 clubs to be consistent to each other, but to match each golfer’s unique swing profile.  Once you do that, our golfers can go out immediately and start dropping strokes off their games.  We have developed a proprietary algorithm after fitting thousands of golfers that predicts the proper length, weight, flex, swing weight and shaft profile to improve a golfers performance.  We have literally thousands of potential shaft and head combinations in our fitting system to quickly see what combination gives the best performance.  And, TrackMan gives us all of the statistics we need to validate the performance improvement.   But the best part is that we custom build what we custom fit to very exacting specifications.  Once our golfers pick up their custom fit and custom built clubs, it is not uncommon to see them immediately have more consistency, accuracy and distance.  And, they drop strokes from their scores..some as much as 25!

Proper Swing Techniques

We also believe that is is extremely important that our customers get the proper instruction and coaching to develop better swing habits.  I remember when I first started golfing XX years ago (a long time ago), I was pretty athletic but played the usual sports growing up but not golf.  Unfortunately, most of my “coaching” came from friends, which is like asking for legal advice from a buddy.  Took a long time for me to get better but thanks to John Jacobs, Dave Pelz and a couple of private coaches along the way, I dropped to a single digit handicap.  In our interview with golfers that come to us for a fitting, less than 10% are currently taking any lessons or coaching.  While the average handicap of our players is 10, we still literally refer hundreds of our golfers to local coaches to fine tune their techniques.  Bottom line is that with golf taking a lot of time to play, less time is being allocated to instruction and coaching.

Practice, Practice, Practice

 Just like our interview questions on instruction, less than 20% of our golfers spend more than a couple of hours a week practicing.  Of course, the golfers most interested in game improvement are the ones that practice the most.  However, if you are practicing with the wrong equipment, you will develop swing habits that compensate for improperly fit equipment. 

Better Golf…Faster

Ok, so maybe we are biased (really?), but the results speak for themselves.  Our golfers get more consistency, accuracy and distance with properly fit and built custom clubs.  And, when that happens, it builds confidence and enjoyment in the game. 

Yes, you truly can play Better Golf…Faster with the right equipment!

Dan Sueltz