Get Your Young Lady Golfers Ready for High School Golf!

golf_cart_208431Hey young lady golfers,  get ready for the season!  Here in Colorado, the girls high school golf season is in the spring and is only a few weeks away.  If you have an aspiring young lady golfer, now is the time to have her go through our junior fitting.  Do not, I repeat, do not let her start the season with clubs that are too long/short, heavy/light or soft/stiff.  She (and you) will be disappointed with the results!  Most of the young female athletes we fit are stronger than you might expect and taller than what traditionally is used when determining a “ladies” set of clubs (one inch shorter than men’s).  The cool thing is that our junior fitting is only $100 and is the same “lifetime” fitting that we offer to our adult golfers.  This is our way of getting younger golfers into the game of golf and keeping them there.  Also, for you parents, if your young lady golfer is talented and aspires to play golf beyond high school, the opportunities for scholarships is far better for lady golfers than for guys these days.  Thank you Title IX!  So don’t delay.  Get your young lady golfer fit today!

Dan Sueltz