Finding Your Perfect Irons


Finding the perfect irons for your golf game does not have to be a major challenge, but you do have to ask yourself some serious questions.  With over 47% of our viewers saying their first purchase this year will be irons, here are the top 5 things to consider when looking for new irons:

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You need to ask yourself which of these is the MOST important?  I know you want it all, but the first thing is to narrow your priorities.  If your goal is more distance, you should look at the new hotter face irons like Callaway Apex 19 and Apex 19 Pro, Callaway Rogue X,  Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro, Srixon Z585, TaylorMade M5 or M6, Ping i500, PXG 0311P 2nd Gen, and Titleist AP3, and Tour Edge EXS.  Some of these irons can be categorized as players distance irons.   I will also argue that the shaft is a critical piece of the golf club in gaining more distance.  Getting the correct shaft weight, length, flex and swing weight can also add 5% more distance.  But you have to be careful that you do not pick distance over the ability to stop the ball on the green.


If you want more accuracy (tighter shot dispersion), then pick an iron head with more forgiveness on off-center hits.  Again, some of the usual suspects include Callaway Big Bertha, Cobra F9, Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metal, Ping G410, TaylorMade M6, PXG 0311XF 2nd Gen and Titleist AP1.  And again, the right shaft will tighten your shot dispersion by 50% or more!


We measure consistency by consistency of contact.  That is measured by the Smash Factor, which also relates to distance.  Getting the best combination of distance, accuracy and consistency again relates to the forgiveness factor of the particular clubhead you are using.  My picks are Callaway Big Bertha, Cobra F9, Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metal, Ping G410, TaylorMade M6, PXG 0311XF 2nd Gen, and Titleist AP1 or AP3.  Having each shaft in your iron set have a consistent flex (frequency matched), length and swing weight will create the consistent performance you are looking for!


I know this may sound crazy, but if you do not like the look of the club, no matter how good the fitter is, you will not get great performance.  We see it all the time.  Is the top line too thin or too fat?  Do you like a black, satin or chrome finish?  Does the back of the club head stick out too far (game improvement clubs)?  Do you favor a hybrid style iron?  Does the head look too big or too small to you?  All of these factors will contribute to you have the confidence to hit the club well, when you pick the right combination.

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Sound and Feel

While this is dramatically more important in fitting drivers, fairways and hybrids, if you detect a sound or feel that is not appealing to you, you will not hit the iron very well, regardless of how well the rest of the club is fit to you.  Even the grip size and texture of a demo club can have a dramatic impact on performance.

Honestly, selecting a set of irons is a lot of fun for us when we fit our customers.  We usually start by asking what their objectives are (distance, accuracy, consistency), what they are currently playing, and if they have any brand preferences.  We then select 3-4 heads and use those in our fitting process.

So, think about what is most important to you and your game.  Then schedule your iron fitting and we will get you dialed in to the irons that will give you the best performance!

So don’t delay!  Better golf and more fun is on the way with your new set of irons!

Dan Sueltz