Our Best New Irons in 2018 and What’s New in 2019 – Updated

Best Irons 2018-19

Best Irons 2018-19

A lot of thought went into our discussion about the best new irons in 2018.  Some of the irons were nearing the end of their life cycle (Callaway APEX CF 16) while others were just recently introduced (Ping i210/i500).  And, we are going to go out on a limb and talk about new irons for 2019 that we have seen and are excited about.  When choosing the best performing irons, we looked at the results we were able to achieve for our customers:  Improved Accuracy, Better Consistency and More Distance.

The 2019 models are all here so book your fitting now!

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So here you have our choices, categorized by the Golf Digest 2018 Hot List Categories:

Game Improvement Irons

Golf Digest 2019 Hot List Game Improvement Irons

Our Best Performers:

Callaway APEX CF 16 (yes, we sold a ton until they were discontinued in late 2018).  Hot face material gave more distance and forgiveness.  Only downside was it could have some “hot” spots resulting in flyers.

Mizuno JPX-919 HotMetal – Introduced in the fall of 2018, this has been an steady performer for us.  The look “screams” Mizuno!

Ping i500 – Ping has a real winner here in this category.  Better looking than the G400 with improved ball flight and sole design.

PXG 0311XF Gen2 –  While only a slight improvement over the original, it is still one of the best performing in terms of forgiveness in the market.

New For 2019:  

Callaway APEX 19 –  Preliminary tests show slightly better performance (tighter shot dispersion) and better feel than the original Apex CF 16.

Ping G410 – Better feel than the G400 in our opinion, and more forgiving.

TaylorMade M6 – Again, expect more distance and tighter shot dispersion over the M4.

Tour Edge EXS – This is a surprise but a great performer!  Stronger lofts for more distance but great trajectory!

Players Distance Irons

Golf Digest 2019 Hot List Players Distance Irons

TaylorMade p790  – The first real competitor to the PXG 0311, it has awesome feel and consistent performance.

Ping i210 – (introduced in fall of 2018 to replace the i200)  A great change in performance with the new elastomer filling.  Probably the best feature is that it is available in three different loft options:  Standard, Power and Retro.

PXG 0311P Gen2 –  About a 10% distance improvement and, it is still one of the best performing in terms of forgiveness in the market

Mizuno JPX-919 Forged (introduced in fall of 20187 to replace the JPX-900 Forged).  The look, feel and performance of this iron is making it one of our top sellers.

Srixon Z585 (replaces the Z565).  Just an overall great looking and great performing iron.  Forged body with a hot face material gives the distance improvement while maintaining the feel of a forged club.

New For 2019:

Callaway APEX CF 19 Pro – same technology as the CF 19 and better lofts for blended sets

TaylorMade M5

Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metal Pro – Great for transitioning from blades to a players cavity back iron.

Players Irons

Golf Digest 2019 Hot List Players Irons

Mizuno MP-18 MMC  The multi-material construction of this iron gives it the feel and but improved performance players are looking for.

Miura MC-501 – What can you say.  Miura quality in a new design.  Better IMO than the CB-57 which is an awesome iron.

PXG 0311T Gen2 –  A 5-10% distance improvement and, it is still one of the best performing in terms of forgiveness in the market

Titleist 718 CB – A better feeling club than the AP2, the CB will give you the feel you need on miss-hits and shots that are flushed.  Mix with the 718 MB for a great set.

TaylorMade p760 (replaces the p770) – The ultimate in a blended set of feel improving SpeedFoam filled 3-7 iron and solid construction in 8-PW, AW, this will be a hot seller.

Srizon Z 785 (replaces Z 765) – While not on the Golf Digest 2018 Hot List, this has been a great performer for our golfers seeking a players iron.  Great in combo sets of Z 585 in longer irons and Z 785 in scoring irons.

Miura MC-501 – You cannot beat the look and feel of a Miura iron and this one is no exception!

Super Game Improvement Irons

Golf Digest 2019 Hot List Super Game Improvement Irons

Callaway 2019 Big Bertha (replaces 2018 GBB OS irons) – The new design with the Suspended Energy Core and 360* Cup Face creates great feel with better launch (higher) and distance.

TaylorMade M CGB – a takeoff of the original CGB irons, these are definitely designed for more distance with slower swing speed.  Very good performance and great look.

So, get ready for the new year with a fitting for these great new irons.  The 2019 irons are here so book your fitting now!

Dan Sueltz