Don’t Buy Your New Driver Off The Rack

Wood Shafts 2017

Wood Shafts 2017

Don’t buy your new driver off the rack! 

We have been saying this for years.  Why?  Even if you demo the driver in the store, get great results on THEIR launch monitor, and have a coupon code to save you some coin,  you have not optimized your performance.

First thing you need to do is read this article in MyGolfSpy on what is really in driver shafts.  Chris actually interviewed me for this article (pays to be in the biz for 20 years) and really did a thorough job uncovering every aspect of what goes on in the golf industry in terms of shaft quality and legitimacy.

Shafts Need to Be Profiled First.

For the reasons Chris points out in his article, we always use aftermarket, legitimate shafts and profile them extensively before using them in our build process.  (See our blog on profiling shafts here).  In fact, if you want more proof of the quality of the shaft in your new club, we have one of our partners, ACCRA Golf that will send us a certificate from their profiling system.  We may do that in the future but we have issues with the proprietary nature of our data.

Clubs Need to Be Assembled Properly.

The “Secret Sauce” of building custom clubs is actually building them to meet the specs you received in your fitting with us or from our Fitting Wizard.  We make sure that all of the important stuff (spine alignment, flex, length) are right on spec so your results will be what you expect.  See our blog on our custom build process here.

Bottom Line…Custom Fit and Custom Built

The bottom line is to get a good aftermarket shaft in your clubs that will be built to your exact specifications.  We offer several different price points so you do not always have to pay big bucks to get the performance you need.

So go through our fitting process and find out what we recommend in terms of shaft weight, flex, launch(trajectory), spin, swing weight, and length.  Then rest assured your clubs will be built to the EXACT specifications on your order!

Dan Sueltz