Clubfitting for Consistency

Performance Zone1Clubfitting for consistency is what the majority of our golfers want.  In our interview, we ask our customers what is most important in their golf game:  Distance, Accuracy or Consistency?  Over 70% of our customers want more consistency in their game. 

From an equipment perspective, golf is really a crazy game.  Fourteen clubs to  smash one ball around the course.  Really?  You didn’t play baseball with fourteen different bats, or tennis with fourteen different racquets, but golf is different.  Each club is designed to hit the ball a particular distance.   By changing the length, loft, lie angle, weight and flex of each club, a perfect set of consistent clubs can be built.  This is where building your own bag of clubs falls apart.

Each manufacturer has their own idea of how a perfect set of clubs should be built.  First let’s talk weight.  The longest, lightest yet stiffest club in your bag is your driver, while the softest flex, heaviest and shortest clubs in your bag are your wedges.  Every manufacturer has a variation on this theme but every tour player, male or female, subscribes to this philosophy.  A notable exception here is the single length iron/hybrid guys like, Cobra, Edel and Wishon.  Even that philosophy requires consistency in building the set to proper weight, loft, and lie.  But, the actual clubs that are delivered to the consumer off-the-rack can be as inconsistent as the image above.

Here is where our BGF Fitting System comes in.  After testing thousands of golfers, we developed a system that will predict how a set of clubs should be built for consistency.  Lengths, shaft weights, shaft flex, swing weights, and shaft bend profiles are all recommended based upon eight key factors of your golf swing.  From their, our fitters assemble test clubs that match these criteria from over 50,000 possible combinations and create a set of clubs that gives our golfers more consistent distance, accuracy and ball striking.  The benefit of getting a consistent set of clubs fit to you AND built to those specifications?   Confidence!  We hear it all the time from our customers.  “I have the confidence when I pick up each club that I will get a consistent result.”   Results after twenty years of fitting and building clubs for our golfers speak for themselves.  And with consistent equipment, your lessons and practice will deliver HUGE returns.

So don’t wait.  Get a clubfitting, have your clubs built to YOUR specs, and your consistency will improve dramatically.  And so will your confidence!

Dan Sueltz