Benefits of Clubfitting for Women Golfers

Team USA Solheim Cup

With The Solheim Cup underway, it is appropriate that we focus on the major differences we see when doing a clubfitting for women golfers.  We have an extensive review here of our fitting process and why women should NOT purchase ladies clubs off the rack.

Ladies Golf Clubs.  What I find especially interesting having been in the golf clubfitting business for twenty years, is that specifications for women golfer equipment has not changed one iota in that time.  Pretty interesting seeing that our women golfers have certainly become more athletic and stronger over the last decade.   The typical set of ladies/women’s golf clubs is designed for a golfer that is roughly 5′ 4″ in stature.  In addition, the typical set of women’s golf clubs have very light shafts and heads as they are designed for a very slow golf swing.  And finally, when we test a stock set of ladies golf clubs, the shaft flexes are extremely weak which creates inconsistent contact and reduced distance.  In some cases, the flexes were well below a junior flex.  

I will guarantee that the USA Solheim Cup Team golfers have all been custom fit to their equipment.  If you look at the statistics from the LPGA Tour, most of them are playing lightweight steel shafts in their irons and men’s stiff graphite shafts in their woods.  In our experience in fitting women golfers, they typically need a men’s senior or regular flex in their woods and a TRUE ladies flex in their irons with a 65 to 95 gram weight. But every woman golfer we test is different.  

Benefits of a Good Clubfitting.  When we do our clubfittings, regardless of gender, we want to cut shot dispersion by 50% and increase distance by 5-10%.  But the biggest improvement is in the consistency of shots.  No more wondering why a good swing resulted in a poor shot.  We have done thousands of fittings for women golfers and the results of increased distance, accuracy and consistency are overwhelming.  So, if you are looking to play better golf and have more fun, schedule your fitting today!

Dan Sueltz