Are Inconsistent Shafts Killing Your Golf Game?

3-04-Driver-Dan-StiffSmallInconsistent shafts in your clubs are creating more problems than your golf swing.  OK, there, I said it!  The fact is, your golf swing is way more consistent than you think.  Now, it may not be a perfect swing, but it is probably pretty repeatable.  The problem is that your clubs are not consistent throughout your set causing inconsistent shots.

Every golfer has a club or clubs they love to hate.  Maybe you have to swing easy with your three wood to keep it from hooking big time.  Or maybe you love your driver but can’t hit your hybrids.  That is because there are outliers in your bag!  If you look at WITB (What’s In The Bag) of every player on tour, including LPGA and Champions, you will find that every club is matched to the next in terms of weight, length, flex, loft, lie and swing weight.  Not so with the average amateur player.

Think about how the game of golf was designed.  Each club in your bag is designed to hit a specific distance.  That is why you have 14 clubs (13 to get to the green and 1 to make birdie!).  The chances of each of these clubs matching your swing, and each other are slim to none.  When we put our customers through a fitting, we show them the five critical aspects of their clubs and how they do not match. During our fitting process, we determine the golfers Performance Zone based upon their strength and shot characteristics. We then test a variety of shafts and heads to achieve the tightest shot dispersion and maximum distance.  We compare that to the golfers existing equipment with the goal of reducing shot dispersion by 50% and increasing distance 5-10%.  With golfers we have never fit before, these goals are easy to obtain! 

Our fitting process takes the inconsistency out of your bag so you are now free to manage the course and not your bag.  Whether you purchase new clubs, have your existing clubs re-shafted or do a combination of both, we will make your clubs consistent and match your swing.  The big benefit of consistent equipment is the confidence you get by knowing each shot will perform as expected!  So don’t wait.  Sign up for your complete clubfitting and get consistent!