Your 2017 Golf Resolution Should be to Get Fit!

trackmanperformancestudio7-16-11Your 2017 Golf Resolution is to Get Fit!  Recent surveys by Golf Digest have shown that over 80% of golfers believe their game would improve if they have clubs that were fit to them.  So what are you waiting for?  Even if you THINK you have been through a clubfitting, if you did it over two years ago, you need to do it again!  Why?

    1. Your existing clubs more than likely do not match your swing OR themselves. 
        We have been doing this for 19 years and nothing really has changed.  There is a very specific formula that we use for matching clubs in terms of length, weight, flex, swing weight and shaft profile.  Variations of this have been used on the major professional tours for years, but our proprietary BGF (Better Golf…Faster) Fitting System has formulized this for every golfer.  Your driver should be your longest, lightest and stiffest flex club in your bag.  Your wedges will be the heaviest and softest flex.  From driver to wedges there is a progression of weights, lengths and flexes that will give you consistent performance.  Since most golfers only purchase clubs once every few years, and then not an entire bag, your bag is filled with a pretty big mixture.  If you want consistent performance, you need clubs that match and are built to those consistent specifications.
    2. Launch monitors are being used by more top clubfitters.  The level of fitting is getting better as clubfitters use TrackMan, FlightScope or Foresight in their fittings.  The ability to fit to the highest smash factor (efficiency rating) and get sophisticated launch, spin and dispersion data can truly optimize your performance.  Fitting without one of these is like going to an old school mechanic to fix your car and he does not have the computer to analyze the engine performance.
    3. Fitting with multiple shaft/head options is what good clubfitters can do for you.  Our BGF Fitting System makes specific recommendations for club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, and swing weight.  Our fitters then select a head/shaft combination for nearly 50,000 available, and then get launch monitor data to show performance.  The nice thing about this is you can dial in a shaft and then try different head combinations.  This is not available if you are only using fitting carts from the OEM’s (Callaway, Ping or Mizuno, for example).
    4. Custom fit does not necessarily mean custom built.  Even if you get fit to a specific length, loft, lie and swing weight and order it from an OEM, the shaft options are so diverse you will not get EXACTLY what you hit in that fitting session.  A true custom clubfitter will also build your clubs to the exact specifications determined in your fitting.

These are just a few of the reasons you should go through a fitting in 2017.  The real reason though is that you want to improve your distance, accuracy and consistency…which leads to more confidence and lower scores!