Titleist TSR Drivers Now Available

Titleist TSR Drivers were just recently released to the public after being released to tour players earlier this year. Titleist has made another jump in innovation – here are the three important things to know. First, the VFT (Variable Face Thickness) design featured in each model is designed to increase smash factor and consequently ball speed. Second, the new aerodynamic “boat tail” designs promise to increase club head speed just from the head alone. Plus, Titleist’s approach to MOI (moment of inertia) spans toe to heel and crown to sole. This approach is intended to help optimize spin and forgiveness at every hit. Learn more about MOI from Golf.com. Each of these innovations were applied to each model differently in an effort to cater to different player types.

How to Choose Titleist TSR Drivers

If you’re a player looking for maximum forgiveness, think TSR2. For lower handicap players looking to increase ball speed through precision adjustments, think TSR3. For advanced players desiring a smaller, more compact head with multiple spin adjustments, think TSR4. Which driver is optimal for you? We recommend a personalized driver fitting of course. Schedule A Driver Fitting Now. Or, check out Titleist’s Driver Selector.


For players who make contact across the entire surface of the face, chances are you’re not playing the correct shaft. While the TSR2 is designed to help compensate for multiple impact locations, you’re best suited to get custom fit with the correct shaft. Titleist has done a good job of shifting CG (center of gravity) to increase ball speed even from mishits. The TSR2 is also designed to provide higher launch with lower spin to help increase control.

TSR2 Drivers are available in 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 lofts. Don’t guess at loft and regret it. The best way to determine your optimal head loft is through a personalized driver fitting using Trackman’s unique Optimizer technology.


For players who have a consistent impact location on the face, Titleist’s “Speed Ring Face Technology” promises increased ball speed and smash factors. And lower handicap players can benefit from precision-tuning the CG Track System to focus to an optimal hitting zone. At D’Lance Golf Performance Center, we optimally match the shaft to your swing first with dozens of shafts to chose from. Only then do we match the head that produces the best performance characteristics possible – tighter shot dispersion, maximum distance, and optimal trajectory, spin and landing angles.

TSR3 Drivers are available in 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 lofts. Precision players can benefit most from Trackman Optimizers and building to the optimal loft that achieves the trajectory, spin, landing angle, distance and control desired. Do it right the first time with a personalized driver fitting.


The TSR4 Driver is visibly smaller and more compact at 430cc, even though it is only 30cc smaller than the TSR3 and TSR2 Drivers. Unique to the TSR4, it offers two different spin reduction settings – one at the front of the head and one at the back. The forward interchangeable weight helps increase distance through lower spin. The back interchangeable weight offers a more moderate, fine-tuning adjustment to spin.


We like the innovation Titleist has put into the new TSR Drivers, building on the success we’ve seen with the TSi Drivers. Most driver manufacturers – Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Ping, PXG, TaylorMade, TourEdge and others have also diversified their approach to meet any player’s needs. With the right shaft for your swing, we find selecting the best head often comes down to look, feel and sound. The key is to put the science to work for you and to eliminate the guessing game with a custom clubfitting.

Titleist, like many club manufacturers, offer limited off-the-shelf options for shafts and grips. These shafts tend to be high production and low precision shafts. We often find these shafts vary greatly from stated flexes as well. If you’re going to make the big investment in a new driver, you deserve a custom shaft and custom build that fits your swing. Learn more about the Best Driver and Shaft Combinations for 2022. Don’t compromise. Schedule a custom driver fitting at D’Lance Golf Performance Center today.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a trade-in option, 2nd Swing offers a good program. Regardless of manufacturer or club type, they will give you a little money for your club depending on its condition.