Rifle Tour Flighted 105 Golf Shafts

The True Temper Project X Rifle Tour Flighted 105 Shafts offer awesome performance in a lighter weight steel golf shaft. Available only through custom clubfitters like D’Lance Golf, these shafts are highly customizable to meet today’s golfers most demanding needs.

True Temper Project X Rifle Tour Flighted 105 Golf Shafts | D'Lance Golf

Lighter Weight of the Rifle Tour Flighted 105 Shafts

Project X Rifle Tour Flighted 105 golf shafts come in three different weights. And, these shafts are very customizable with a wide range of flexes in each shaft weight. See full shaft specs.

  • R Flex – 107 grams – Built flexes from L+(3.5) to R+(5.5)
  • S Flex – 108 grams – Built flexes from A+(4.5) to S(6.0)
  • X Flex – 113 grams – Built flexes from R(5.0) to S+(6.5)

Flight and Spin Characteristics

The concept of “Tour Flighting” has been around for years. Most tour players like higher trajectory in their long irons (3,4,5) but more penetrating ball flight in their scoring irons (8,9,PW). That is exactly how the Project X Rifle Tour Flighted 105 irons are designed. In our testing, the difference is not dramatic but noticeable enough to give better stopping power on longer iron shots into a green. See full shaft specs.

Flex Trajectory Spin
R Flex Mid-High Mid-High
S Flex Mid-High Mid-High
X Flex Mid Mid

How to determine the right shaft weight and flex for you.

In our 25+ years custom club fitting experience, we have found Weight, Flex, Launch and Spin to be the most important characteristics. And, precision players demand precision build across these factors. Of course, when we build an iron, the factors of length, loft, lie and swing weight or MOI come into play as well.