P-790 Phantom Black Irons Now Available

The limited edition P-790 Phantom Black Irons from TaylorMade are bold and elegant, sleek and high performing. Irons that symbolize a relentless pursuit of perfection, these new irons utilize a black PVD finish to deliver that sleek look. Forged with 4140 steel, like other P790 irons, they deliver a soft feel within a lighter face to increase club speed.

The newly engineered SpeedFoam™ Air is 69% lighter than its predecessor. These weight savings were redistributed to optimize launch conditions. Plus, TaylorMade features an intelligent sweet spot to help capture more shots, pinpointing performance where golfers need it the most. With its thin-wall construction, forged L-Face and redesigned tungsten weighting, the new P-790 irons produce optimal launch with more forgiveness shot after shot.

Club Stock Specifications

The new P-790 Phantom Black Irons are available in both right-handed and left-handed setups. TaylorMade offers a handful of off-the-shelf shafts, but if you deserve the perfectly fit shaft to pair with these sleek, elegant and high-performing players distance irons.

4-iron 21° 61° 3.4mm
5-iron 23.5° 61.5° 3.1mm
6-iron 26.5° 62° 2.9mm
7-iron 30.5° 62.5° 2.7mm
8-iron 35° 63° 2.4mm
9-iron 40° 63.5° 2.1mm
PW 45° 64° 1.8mm

Visit TaylorMade.com for more specifications.

Get Custom Fit for the P-790 Phantom Black Irons

With reviews already raving about the incredible soft feel and elegant look of the P-790 Phantom Black Irons, performance should equal their visual appeal. D’Lance Golf is the only custom club fitter has a proprietary shaft recommendation system, does expert shaft testing, and pairs that with the most sophisticated launch monitor system – TrackMan. There is no better way to ensure you’re getting the reduction in shot-dispersion and gains in distance you deserve. With an expert team of fitters to personalize iron fittings to your swing, get started today.