New Srixon ZX Mk II Irons Now Available

Srixon ZX Mk II and Z-Forged II Irons | D'Lance Golf


The Srixon ZX Mk II irons and Z-Forged II iron meet the design needs for players of every skill level. Each irons features material, design and sole technologies that improve ball impact and optimal ball speeds. With variable designs and the ability to create combo sets, getting shaft flex correct is more important than ever.

Z-Forged II

Srixon Z-Forged II Irons | D'Lance GolfZ-Forged II Irons are ideal for advanced, low-handicap players looking for feel and workability. The forging materials, advanced Tour V.T. Sole, progressive grooves and PureFrame sets these irons apart. See full specs of the Z-Forged II irons.

  • Materials: feature the 1020 Carbon Steel forging for precision and feel.
  • PureFrame: Proprietary to Srixon, this design shaping feature concentrates mass at optimal ball striking area for maximum workability, playability and consistent control.
  • Tour V.T. Sole: maintain clubhead speed through impact regardless of turf grade with front edge shaping to prevent digging, toe & heel notches to prevent unwanted rotation and optimized bounce to maintain workability.
  • Progressive Grooves: The 3-iron through 7-iron grooves are further apart for control in all conditions. And the 8-iron through pitching wedge feature tighter and deeper grooves for enhanced spin.


Srixon ZX7 Mk II Irons | D'Lance GolfA players iron, the ZX7 Mk II irons provide more forgiveness with the feel of a blade, ideal for low-handicap players that desire more workability. See loft, lie and specs of the ZX7 Mk II irons.

  • Materials: feature the 1020 Carbon Steel forging for tour-quality feel.
  • PureFrame: similar to Z-Forged, material is concentrated into ball-impact areas to create a softer, solid ball strike without unwanted vibration.
  • Tour V.T. Sole: similar with other models but optimized for player type, the dynamic sole design improves contact throughout turf interaction.
  • Progressive Grooves: similarly, 3-iron through 7-iron feature wider grooves for longer shots and the 8-iron through AW (attack wedge) have deeper and closer grooves to enhance spin on approach shots.


The ZX5 Mk II irons offer low- to mid-handicap golfers sharp looks with more impact power, forgiveness, and playability. As a cavity-back, players distance iron, these combine premium forging with Srixon’s Mainframe technology and moderate sole width. See loft, lie and specs of the ZX5 Mk II irons

  • Materials: features the advanced variable thickness milling on the backside of the face to concentrate CG (center of gravity) and maximum face flexibility to increase ball speed and spin.
  • Tour V.T. Sole: fit to this player type, the contours of the sole, toe and heel reduce unwanted drag or face rotation during turf interactions.
  • Progressive Grooves: with 3-iron through 7-iron featuring wider grooves, and the 8-iron through attack wedge (AW) featuring deeper and tighter grooves, the result is congruency across the set, as spin, distance, and launch remain consistent.
  • Lofts: as a distance iron, the ZX5 helps achieve greater distance with slightly more aggressive lofts than the ZX7.

ZX4 Mk II and ZX Mk II Utility

Also new in the Mk II irons are the ZX4 Mk II designed as a game improvement iron and the ZX Mk II Utility Iron as a long iron replacement in the ZX series set.

Conclusion: Get fit for the optimal Srixon ZX Mk II iron

With so many options to choose from, get a personalized, expert iron fitting can help you focus on the look, feel and performance ideal for you. It is the only way you can perfectly pair the ZX Mk II irons or Z-Forged irons to your optimal shaft flex. Variances in design, material and Tour V.T. Sole technology are designed to increase ball speed and spin rates can perfectly match to the player type with the right shaft. With a custom iron fitting, you can see the shot dispersion narrow, distances increase and hone optimal landing angles. Only then can you focus on the look, feel, sound and confidence boost these new irons may give you.