Ping i230 Irons Now Available

The new Ping i230 irons offer lower CG, higher MOI (moment of inertia) and great look, feel and sound. The new design helps mid to low handicap players reduce shot dispersion, increases distance consistency and has a great look at setup. Explore details about premium look, feel and sound as well as design and material changes put into the new Ping i230 irons. Visit Ping Golf for more detailed specifications.

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Premium Look, Feel and Sound

Compact Long Irons

The 3-iron through 5-iron in the new Ping i230 irons are slightly more compact than the i210 series, aiding in more consistent impact on the clubface and greater accuracy. The 6-iron through utility wedge (UW), aka gap wedge, feature a very similar overall size and offset profile to the i210s, creating “a tour-preferred look across the set.”

Rounded Lead Edge

Similar to the tour-proven i210, the Ping i230 series also features a more rounded lead edge. And, the sole design offers plenty of bounce, promoting “smooth turf interaction for clean, solid ball striking.”

Premium Feel, Sound

Love the sound, love the feel. Depending on what you’re looking for, feel and sound are as important as ever in building confidence in your irons, even with a mis-hit. The new Ping i230 bring a consistently compact feel and sound in every hit. The four-layer cavity design with soft elastomer insert actually dampens undesirable frequencies resulting from hitting outside the core impact area.

Design and Material Changes

Low CG, Higher MOI

Ping removed weight in the cavity and re-allocated that weight to achieve a lower CG, sticking with the 431 stainless steel head with tungsten toe and tip weights. The result promises more distance and forgiveness across the face. And, the added benefit is consistency even with fluctuations in swing path typical of mid-handicap players. The soft elastomer in the cavity reinforces the face to enhance energy transfer and generate a higher, stronger ball flight.

MicroMax Grooves

Proprietary to Ping, the precision-milled MicroMax grooves deliver consistent launch and spin for accuracy and control. According to Ping, “especially in wet conditions where the grooves and hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish ensure low launch angles with high spin.”

Expert Iron Club Fitting

Today’s advancements in iron technologies across manufacturers increases the number of available options for golfers. You don’t have to be a low-handicap amateur to play today’s player irons like the new Ping i230 irons. The secret is getting an expert club fitting for your irons and wedges. Experience first-hand how much difference matching the optimal shaft to club can make for you. D’Lance Golf is unique in our approach to Lifetime Club Fittings. Pay once for your fitting and come back any time. Test the next generation iron. Compare multiple manufacturers or compare multiple models within the same club manufacturer. Learn more about expert iron fittings.