New Cobra 2023 KING Irons Now Available

Cobra 2023 KING irons launch | D'Lance Golf

The new Cobra 2023 KING Irons – CB, MB, CB/MB Combo and TOUR models, are for players desiring compact look, soft feel and better workability. Each feature new 5-step forgings with 1025 carbon steel for increased feel. And, each feature a smaller head and thinner top lines. Notably, TOUR irons provide lower CG, slightly more aggressive lofts and more offset across the set.

King CB, MB and CB/MB combos

Cobra 2023 King CB MB Irons | D'Lance Golf

The 2023 King CB (cavity-back) and MB (muscle-back) irons are for low-handicap players looking to leverage workability with the soft feel of a forged iron. The KING CB/MB irons feature the most compact shapes in the KING lineup. The CB and MB irons include thinner toplines for aesthetics and minimal offset for better control. Plus, thinner soles allow for precise turf interaction and compact, shorter blade lengths enhance shot-shaping ability. Customize combo sets to add forgiveness in long irons – for example: 3-iron through 6-iron in the CB, with 7-iron through PW or GW in the MB. See detailed specifications including lofts and lies.

King TOUR Irons for Players’ demanding more forgiveness

Cobra 2023 KING Tour Irons | D'Lance GolfThe KING TOUR combines soft feel with a touch of added forgiveness, making these irons the most playable Players’ iron to date. Also, TOUR irons are progressively more compact than the KING Forged TEC model. A thinner topline, reduced offset, slightly shortened blade length improve control and increase workability.

A key to the enhanced forgiveness of the TOUR irons is the CNC-milled undercuts in the back of each iron. This design allows weight to be repositioned to lower CG and increase launch. And, it provides more stability with off-center strikes. The cavity contains a TPU material and topped with an aluminum co-mold medallion which dampens vibration and creates a more pleasing sound and feel at impact. See detailed specifications including lofts and lies.

Conclusion: Cobra 2023 KING irons deserve a custom club fitting

For low- to mid-handicap players seeking feel, workability and forgiveness, the Cobra 2023 KING irons deliver. And with combo sets becoming increasingly popular, players can customize to add forgiveness where its needed most. Across each club or combo set, shaft consistency in flex and swing weight can create the love these irons deserve. Custom iron fittings are the only way to perfectly customize KING CB, MB and Tour irons to your swing. And, only in a custom iron fitting can you see the shot dispersion narrow, distances increase and optimize launch and landing angles.