New Cobra 2023 Aerojet Irons Now Available

Cobra 2023 Aerojet Irons | D'Lance Golf

The Cobra 2023 Aerojet Irons delivers a game improvement, distance irons that works for low- to high handicap players. Leveraging PWRSHELL, PWR-BRIDGE and H.O.T face technologies, aggressive lofts provide more launch, increased spin and more distance.

Cobra 2023 Aerojet Irons Specs | D'Lance Golf

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Inside the Technology

  • PWR-BRIDGE WEIGHTING. The suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight design creates a more flexible face and sole to maximize launch and ball speed. This weight design enables 10% more face flexion to deliver more distance with control. And the weight is also suspended in a soft polymer filler for fine-tuned acoustics and feel.
  • PWRSHELL FACE DESIGN. The forged PWRSHELL face insert delivers more flexibility across a larger area of the face. This produces faster ball speed and higher launch due to lower CG.
  • H.O.T FACE TECHNOLOGY. Using A.I. (artificial intelligence), the variable thickness pattern delivers more efficient ball speed and spin across the face with a larger sweet spot.

Conclusion: Put new Cobra 2023 Aerojet Irons to work for you.

The Cobra 2023 Aerojet irons offer a blend of game improvement, distance, and the feel of a tour players iron. However, guessing at the proper shaft even with a general idea of shaft flex can leave you with distance gaps between clubs. Get the proper shaft custom fit to your swing in order to capitalize on all these great improvements.