Muira CB-302 and MC-502 Irons

Miura CB-302 and MC-502 Irons | D'Lance Golf

New for 2023, the Muira CB-302 and MC-502 irons live up to Muira’s legacy of the world’s finest forged golf clubs. Each club is individually made using Miura’s patented forging process. The CB-302 irons are the longest forged cavity-back iron from Muira, and the MC-502 improves forgiveness and performance over the previously very popular MC-501 irons.

Miura Golf CB-302 Irons

The CB-302 irons feature the largest sole width (19mm / 7 iron) ever produced by Miura Golf. The larger design, amidst other subtle enhancements, makes the CB-302 optimal for forgiveness. In addition, a precise amount of camber, leading and trailing edge relief, and Miura’s iconic Y grind enhance performance regardless of a golfer’s swing trajectory.

  • Premium craftsmanship – highlighted by the shape of the cavity, the CB-302 optimizes weight distribution unique to each irons’ loft.
  • Optimized forgiveness – the wider sole, coupled with a precise amount of camber and leading and trailing edge relief optimizes forgiveness.
  • Variable depth cavities – The CB-302 design focuses impact power at the apex of the V-cut, allowing for effective distribution of weight between the heel and toe.

Available in 4-iron through GW. Constructed of Premium (S20C) Soft Carbon Steel with a Satin Chrome finish. Watch a video about the Miura CB-302 irons.

Miura Golf MC-502 Irons

The MC-502 irons build upon the very popular MC-501 irons. Continuing the legacy of the “modern blade,” the new MC-502 are easy to hit and deliver a great ball flight. These blades deliver forgiveness without compromising performance. Subtle design enhancements produce more forgiveness and performance, meeting the discerning needs of all players.

New to the MC-502 are an increase in face progression (less offset) and a softer, more rounded top line and toe profile. The result is an iron that is easy to align while delivering more confidence and playability. The sound, feel and performance or Miura irons have been hallmarks since 1957.

Available in 3-iron through PW. Constructed of Premium S20C Soft Carbon Steel with a Satin Chrome finish. Watch a video about the Miura MB-502 irons.

Custom Fit Muira CB-302 and MC-502 irons

The amazingly soft feel of premium forging, and new design of the Miura CB-302 and MC-502 irons demand premium club fitting. And as most Tour players are doing, combo sets further increase forgivability throughout the set but demand shaft consistency. D’Lance Golf is the only custom club fitter has a proprietary shaft recommendation system, does expert shaft testing, and pairs that with the most sophisticated launch monitor system – TrackMan. With an expert team of fitters to personalize iron fittings to your swing, get started today.