LAB Golf MEZZ Putters for 2023

L.A.B. Golf MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX Putters | D'Lance Golf

LAB Golf MEZZ Putters, with Lucas Glover’s back-to-back wins, got another boost in attention. Utilizing proprietary Forward Press Technology, these putters are Lie Angle Balanced helping you simply hole more putts. Lucas Glover is proof; his LAB Golf MEZZ.1 MAX putter turned his putting woes into putting highs. Read more about his WITB (what’s in the bag) and full story.

Comfort comes from the right setup – putter look, loft, lie and weight. The right lie angle for your putting arc leads to reliable, consistent contact. Getting your putter face to stay square through your putting arc is equally as important. LAB Golf reports that 83% of putting is controlled by face angle – we totally agree. Controlling torque and with its proprietary design, LAB Golf Putters make it so that you don’t have to hold the face square like with other putters.

Family of L.A.B. Golf MEZZ Putters for 2023

LAB Golf MEZZ.1 Putter | D'Lance Golf

The MEZZ.1 Putter

With MEZZ.1, the smaller profile produces better feel through contact than with larger and more forgiving mallets. This level of responsiveness gives golfers more feedback about how their putter is moving through the stroke. Having that immediate feedback helps to improve controlling pace on the next putt, especially on faster greens.

The MEZZ.1 is a mid-mallet putter based on a typical fang design. It is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum with a 303 steel midsection – a design that promotes the softer feel. It also features 10 different weights allowing for precise customization. While head weights come in light, standard and heavy; most people choose a standard weight because head weight is less important. The Lie Angle Balance handles the controlled stroke. As such, head weight is best chosen by factoring in shaft length, lie and grip.

The MEZZ.1 Standard putter is available in lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches long. For more upright posture and/or broomstick styles, or lower more compressed strokes, choose the MEZZ.1 Custom. Custom shaft lengths are available from 28 inches up to 38 inches in length.

See full specs for the MEZZ.1 Putter.


L.A.B. Golf MEZZ.1 vs. MEZZ.1 MAX Putters | D'Lance Golf

The MEZZ.1 MAX Putter

Similar in construction, the biggest difference from the MEZZ.1 is that the MAX model is 20% larger. Larger means more forgiving even for off center strikes. Unlike the MEZZ.1, the oversize design can also be great for less feedback at impact. These attributes were very important to Lucas Glover as he made his putter change. It maintains the zero-torque profile like other L.A.B. Golf Putters.

The MEZZ.1 MAX is available as a standard-length, broomstick or armlock build. Also, like the MEZZ.1, it features 11 different alignment visual aids on the putter to fit a player’s preference. From dots to lines and fun options in between, L.A.B. Golf makes putting more fun. You don’t have to settle for just a black putter head. Both the MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX come in multiple color options including the cobalt blue Lucas Glover used to secure his back-to-back wins this year.

See full specs for the MEZZ.1 MAX Putter.

Interchangeability of L.A.B. Golf Putters

Many golfers like switching putters from year to year or course to course. With other putters, the problem is simply that blades, mid-size mallets and mallets act and behave very differently. Lie angles are different, weights are different and shaft profiles are different. While custom building your putters to be similar, nothing compares to the approach taken by the L.A.B. Team.

L.A.B. Golf putters don’t have these issues because all putters are Lie Angle Balanced. The torque profile is always the same – zero. The lie angle is the same. And as such your stroke is consistent. All factors in, you hole more putts. Switching between blade, mid-mallet or large mallet models is no longer an issue.

Watch what L.A.B. Golf says about switching putters.

Get Custom Fit for LAB Golf MEZZ Putters

The most important aspect of every L.A.B. Golf putter is determining the optimal lie angle for your stroke. And the best way to determine this is in an expert putter fitting utilizing a TrackMan launch monitor. Yes, TrackMan captures more than a dozen attributes about your putting stroke. Furthermore, working with an expert fitter ensures proper fit with whichever type of putting stroke and grip you use. Whether you use conventional, left-hand low, prayer, claw, armlock, armlock claw or broomstick – get fit properly the first time. And only D’Lance Golf offers Lifetime Putter Fittings – pay once for a fitting, come back whenever you want.