Exotics 723 Series Irons from Tour Edge Now Available

The Exotics 723 Series Irons leverage enhancements in materials and VIBRCOR technology to deliver distance and forgiveness. Building on the Diamond Face VFT, both the E723 and C723 irons generate increased ball speed across the face. The new Pro 723 Forged features precision milling for maximizing power and providing forgiveness for off-center hits. Material and body designs are producing even higher launch angles with face-flexing for enhanced consistency.  See the sleeker, thinner designs and specs at Tour Edge.

E723 Irons – Game Improvement

The E723 Irons are the most forgiving distance irons ever from Tour Edge. Fitting in the game-improvement category, the E723 Irons’ advancements with VIBRCOR technology. This provides the support, sound and feel of a forged iron while enhancing feel. In addition to feel, VIBRCOR TPU produces faster ball speed, dampens sound and shock, and creates maximum forgiveness.

Increasing consistency for off-center hits, there are 103 total diamond shapes across the Diamond Face VFT featuring three different thicknesses in an interweaving pattern. In addition, the 360° Undercut Design is a one-piece high-strength steel body that lowers CG. The lower CG produces a higher launch and increases face flexing further enhancing ball speed and overall distance.

C723 Irons – Players’ Distance

The hollow-body C723 Irons feature a 15% smaller clubhead with a shorter blade length and a thinner topline. As one of the most compact players’ distance irons, the more classic shape of the C723 features more traditional lofting from iron to iron.

The infusion of the VIBRCOR performance gel across the hollow-body cavity produces faster ball speed, dampens sound and shocks at impact. The perimeter weighting around the entire clubhead, thinnest face and 92 diamond shapes allows for maximum forgiveness and power off the face.

A high-strength forged Military-Grade Maraging Steel Face is plasma-welded onto a 17-4 stainless steel body. This is how the C723 achieves a significantly thinner face (the thinnest in an Exotics iron), dramatically increasing face flex across a greater surface area of the club face.

Pro 723 Forged

The larger CNC milled cavity allows for precision concentration of weight for maximum forgiveness while maintaining a thing top line. After the forging process, faces are CNC-milled to precise tolerances and the face grooves are machined to maximize performance throughout the set. The heel and toe pockets in offer the thinnest face possible without sacrificing feel. VIBRCOR injection dampens shock and provides a buttery muscle-back feel. Added weight in the center of the cavity allows for center hits to have greater power. But also allows the heel and toe pockets of the cavity to provide maximum forgiveness and feel on off-center contact. See detailed specs on the Pro 723 irons.

Experience the New Look, Distance & Feel of new Exotics 723 Series Irons

For golfers seeking a players’ distance iron with the feel, and sound of forged, the C723 irons impress. Needing additional forgiveness, consider the oversized game improvement E723 irons. If you are a low to mid-handicap player, the Pro 723 gives incredible feel, power and forgiveness in one. Or, consider a combo set for further game enhancement and consistency.

Equal enhancements to look, feel, sound and consistency abound. But, only in a custom iron fitting can you see your shot dispersion narrow and how increases in launch angle benefit you. Expert professional iron fittings should start with your goals, and optimal results should be a 50% reduction in shot dispersion and a 5-10% improvement in distance over your current set. Learn more about expert iron fittings.