Project X LZ Steel Shaft Review


Project X LZ Steel shafts were tested and reviewed this week and so far we love what we see. The Project X LZ Steel shafts come in four different flexes and weights:  5.0 (R flex) at 110gr, 5.5 (R+ flex) at 115gr, 6.0 (S flex) at 120gr, and 6.5 (S+ flex) at 125gr.  The Project X LZ steel takes a chapter out of the book from the original LZ graphite shaft.  The Loading Zone (LZ) for the lighter shafts will result in a slightly higher launch and spin than the stiffer, heavier shafts.  Great design idea and our testing proved this to be the case.

All of our tests were done indoors using TrackMan and the Callaway Chrome Soft ball.  All testers used shafts that matched their fitting specs as closely as possible.   According to our tests, the 5.0 and 5.5 flexes launched about the same as the KBS Tour R and C-Taper Lite R but slightly higher than the XP 115 R flex.  In the 6.0 and 6.5 flexes, the LZ Steel was slightly higher launch than the XP 115 S but lower than the C Taper R and KBS Tour S.  Depending upon your ball flight desires, you could even consider playing a softer flex, say 5.0, but hard stepped in your longer irons and a firmer flex, say 5.5, but regular or soft stepped in your shorter irons.  This would give you a higher ball flight in your longer irons and a lower ball flight in your lower irons.  We did find, however, that the lighter 5.0, and 5.5 flexes play a little soft to flex so you may want to consider hard stepping once or even twice to get to your desired flex.

One interesting thing we found with every one of our testers.  The smash factor for the LZ Steel shafts was consistently above ALL of the other shafts.  This means that the Loading Zone is delivering a little more pop at impact creating a little more ball speed, and therefor more distance.  While this is not conclusive at this point, it is something we will look for in all of our fittings.  All of the testers liked the feel of the shaft during the downswing and at impact…more of a feeling of the shaft loading and unloading but not feeling “whippy”.

If you need a little more feel and feedback from your irons, now is the time to check out this great new shaft!

And, if you are ready to reshaft your existing irons with these exciting shafts, you can either contact us at [email protected] or go to our online clubfitting and clubbuilding site,  Specifically, check out our reshaft process here.  

Dan Sueltz

  • Robby

    How are the 6.0 in stiffness compared to the KBS Tour S 120’s?

  • They will play softer in the butt and tip section. The 6.5 will be closer straight in or you could hard-step the 6.0’s.

  • Amit Singh

    How do the 5.0 & 5.5 compare to the XP 105 Regular and Stiff?

  • The LZ 5.0 will play similar to the XP 105 Stiff. The LZ 5.0 is heavier and little lower ball flight than the XP 105 Regular. The LZ 5.5 is heavier and will launch lower than the XP 105 Stiff. The biggest difference is that the XP 105’s are designed to be higher ball flight in a similar shaft weight while the LZ’s will get slightly lower as the stiffness goes up and the shaft weight increases.

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  • AWM

    How do they compare in fcm to their px and pxi counterparts?
    Is LZ 5.5 similar in fcm (6.0 fcm for px) ?

    • Because the weights change a little more than the standard PX irons, the fcm will be higher than the PXi in each flex but lower than the standard PX. The LZ 5.5 will be closer to a PX 5.0. I may be able to get you a chart if you are interested as to how they compare.

  • Because the weights change a little more than the standard PX irons, the fcm will be higher than the PXi in each flex but lower than the standard PX. The LZ 5.5 will be closer to a PX 5.0. I may be able to get you a chart if you are interested as to how they compare.

  • Gerald

    How does the Project X LZ 5.0 or 5.5 compare to a Nippon Modus 105 R? I was surpirsed that Mizunos shaft optimizer rated me for a Modus 105 R although my swingspeed is rather slow with 77mph with a 6i, tempo is 4(medium) and my release is 6(medium). Would a Project X LZ 5.0 or 5.5fit for my swing?

    • The LZ5.0 will play a little stiffer and 7 grams heavier than the Modus 105R. Both of these shafts actually play to a soft R flex because the lighter steel shafts just do not play very stiff. The Modus 105R will launch a little higher than the LZ 5.0. I would not do the LZ 5.5 as it weights more and will have a lower ball flight.

      • Gerald

        Thank you, Dan! And how does the Modus 105 R compare to a NS 950 GH in R or S? Would this fit better to my swingspeed and tempo?

        • The NS 950 GH R will be the closest in both weight and flex but will probably launch a little higher. That has been a great shaft and is the number one Nippon shaft on the LPGA Tour. It will definitely feel stiffer in the mid section than the Modus 105 R so your 4 rating for Tempo may have me leaning more to the Modus 105 R.

  • Knight In Amor

    Hi Dan
    If Im playing TT s200 swing speed 96 on driver, 84 on 6i, slight quick tempo, what should I be using? a 5.5?

    • The 5.5 should work well for you. Remember that these shafts tend to stiffen up in the shorter irons (8, 9 PW) which will bring your ball flight down slightly.

      • Knight In Amor

        Thanks loads Dan, I play ball flights quite high. even with s200. But I was surprised KBS rate me for C Taper lite stiff or X. My tempo is quick quick and I hit the 7i 155yards. i wonder if I should use a lighter shaft than the PX LZ. is 120 grams.

        • With a fast tempo I would think the added weight of the 5.5 would help you stay on plane and be more consistent. It is still about 7 grams lighter than your s200 but 5-10 grams lighter than the C-Taper Lite X or S.

  • Knight In Amor

    to add, i hit 7i 155 yds,

  • shaun

    hi i currently play the modus tour 130 stiff what shaft would compare in the Project X LZ shafts im thinking the 6.5?

    • The 6.5 will be the best choice. The Modus Tour 130 S actually plays slightly stiffer than the LZ 6.5 and I personally think the LZ has a better feel. Ball flight will be similar between the two shafts.

      • shaun

        Thanks for the reply, i am looking forward to testing these out.

  • Stephen Nealey

    Hi, which shaft would be the equivalent of a kbs tour 105 stiff? Cheers

    • Your best bet is the 5.0 for both weight and flex. The 5.0 may give you a slightly lower launch and peak height as it truly is more of a mid launch, mid spin shaft.

  • Rian Cust

    Hey there, I have been fitted with a 6.5 LZ shaft with a 6 iron swing speed at approx 94 mph

    • Yes, that will be the best fit in terms of flex and weight.

  • Rian Cust

    Re below: Mizuno JPX forged irons. Does this shaft seem right for my swing speed

  • Yen

    If I’m using the TT S400 Tour Issue… what would be equivalent in a Project X?

    • That’s a tough one as the S400 is a heavier shaft than most of the Project X shafts. A standard Project X taper tip 6.0 or the LZ 6.5 are as close as you will get in both weight, flex and launch profile.

  • Rich Redmond

    What would be the equivalent to the ping AWT 2.0 xstiff? Thanks!

    • Dan

      The LZ Steel 6.5 will be your best bet.

  • Rob Taylor

    How does the LZ 5.0 compare to the c-taper lite reg shafts? Which is more consistent, softer/stiffer at impact, flight, generate more pop?….thanks!!1

    • Chris Cruz

      Hi just scanning this thread, and saw somethiing i might be able to comment on though i did not do a direct comparison, i can say i tested lz 6.0 vs c taper std weight stiff flex and the lz had higher launch, faster ball speed consistently and i hit it within a tighter dispersion zone. the c taper feels a bit boardier to me and the lz is somewhere between like a ctaper and a DG Lite in terms of feel, at least thats how it felt to me

    • Chris gave a pretty good review on his experience. The LZ definitely has that loading zone “pop” while the c-taper lite is not necessarily boardier but has a firmer mid section and lower torque which makes it feel a bit stiffer. Shot dispersion is all about the right flex and weight so make sure you try the LZ 5.0 and 5.5 against the c-taper lite in your evaluation.

      • Rob Taylor

        Thanks, Dan. So, I currently play the C-Taper Lite Stiff Flex. Which LZ shaft 5.0 or 55 plays as close as possible to the C-Taper Lite Stiff?

        • I would go with the LZ 5.5 but soft step it.

          • Rob Taylor

            Great! Which shaft to believe has the better overall feel?

          • Personally I like the feel of the LZ because of the “Loading Zone”. The C-Taper Lite feels more like a one-piece shaft or an extension of your arm with little “kick” at impact IMO. You may like the one-piece feel, however, of the C-Taper Lite.

  • Ken Inouye

    I’ve hit the Callaway CF16 with a PX LZ 95 6.0 shaft. Much more control with very tight dispersion. I currently use Callaway Apex irons with XP 95 S300 shafts at – 1/2″. I can hit the 6.0 LZs good but the only thing is that I feel that I have to work harder to get consistent results. I’ve read that the 6.0 plays at a 6.5 cpm. If so, would a -1/2″ play even stiffer? My desire is to not have to work so hard but not sacrifice the great control and consistency of the 6.0. Would a 5.5 or a soft stepped 6.0 give me this or should I stick with the 6.0? I am definitely going to switch to the LZs but I want to make a good shaft flex decision. Thanks

    • Hi Ken,
      I am a little confused as I do not see a PX LZ 95 6.0, only the PX 95 6.0 as a custom option for the Apex CF 16. If you hit the PX LZ 6.0 then that shaft will play stiffer (by about a flex) and heavier (by 10+ grams) than the XP 95 S300 shafts you are used to. As long as you have good control with the XP 95 S300’s I would stick with the LZ 5.5. If your shot dispersion is more erratic, then the PX LZ 6.0 will be a better choice.

      • Ken Inouye

        Thanks Dan. The PX LZ 95 is a new offering by Callaway and is a standard option on its Epic Irons. I tried the 6.0 on the CF 16 iron head. The shaft weight is listed at 100 grams so it is lighter than the PX LZ 6.0 by some 20 grams and a little heavier than the XP 95. My dispersion on the XP 95 was a little erratic and I felt that I had to swing very slow and smooth to control it. I just had a range session with the LZ 95 6.0 and my control was very good but my distance was a little less. I was wondering if the lighter weight than the PX LZ would make the flex feel softer in the LZ 95 or am I just able to handle the increased stiffness better because I can swing faster. Also, will the dispersion of the 5.5 be tight like the 6.0 but with a softer midsection or will I lose some control but have some more distance? I think my natural swing is a little faster and harder but that didn’t work very well with the XP 95s. Based on all of this info, would you recommend the 5.5 or 6.0? Again, thank you so much for your thoughts. Ken

        • Based upon what you are telling me, I would choose the 5.5 as it will give you a little more weight to help you control your swing but also a firmer butt stiffness to give you tighter shot dispersion. It would be ideal to hit the 5.5 and 6.0 LZ side by side and look at the numbers and you gauge the “feel factor”. Because you are so used to the XP 95 my choice of the LZ 5.5 will be a better transition although it may not still be the “perfect” choice.

          • Ken Inouye

            Do you mean the regular LZ or the LZ 95 in a 5.5 and 6.0?

          • I think the PX LZ 95 will be too light…even in the 6.0. Recommending the standard PX LZ 5.5,

          • Ken Inouye

            Great… Thanks Dan!

  • Tom

    I was just curious about your comment that the 5.0 and 5.5 play somewhat soft to flex. I’ve hit the 5.0 in comparison with the XP115-R and my feeling on that day was that the LZ 5.0 felt a touch firmer. Also, the guys at Golfworks give the 5.0 a 3.5B1H MPF compared with a 3B2M for the XP115. My hitting impressions of the two shafts was prior to seeing the MPFs so I wasn’t biased. My feeling was that I was getting a slightly nicer release at impact with the XP115 while the LZ had more even firmness and a bit more pop. The numbers off the two shafts was virtually identical on all measures.

    • Tom,
      When we measure shafts, there are several factors that go into our assessment. First, the absolute CPM readings on each shaft are compared and believe it or not the XP 115 is slightly stiffer in the butt section, but only a third of a flex. Second, the loading profile indicates that the LZ 5.0 does have a slightly stiffer midsection hence your feeling that the shaft is a bit firmer. These shafts are very, very similar to each other in all aspects we test. That said, they BOTH play soft to flex, i.e. if you are shooting for a true FCM 5.0 you will only get 4.0 out of both of these shafts in the XP 115 R and the LZ 5.0.

      • Tom

        Thanks for the detailed response. I’ve been playing KBS Tour R for many years and as I approach 60 looking for something slightly softer, so sounds like the XP115R and LZ5.0 fit the bill. To throw one more at a lighter weight into the mix, how does the Modus 105-R compare. Thanks again.

        • The Modus 105 R will play much softer than either the XP 115R or LZ 5.0 so the equivalent for butt stiffness (tighter shot dispersion) will be the Modus 105 S. The Modus 105 shafts will launch slightly higher than either the XP 115 or LZ.

  • Isac

    Hey Dan Great Review,
    Just curious on what flex you would recommend for someone coming from a KBS Tour S+

    • The S+ will be closer to the LZ 6.5 both in terms of weight and feel. I like the loading action of the LZ better than the KBS Tour S+.

  • Amit Singh

    I have Modus 120 Stiff in a set of Apex CF16 which I play at +1″ length. In a second set, I want to try PX LZ but I’m not sure which flex to choose. Can you suggest a flex that I should try in one iron? The second set will also be built +1″ in length, so 7 iron at 38″.

    What similarities and differences can one expect between Modus 120 and PX LZ?


    • The PX LZ Steel 5.5 will play closest in stiffness and weight to the Modus 120 S. You will get a firmer feel in the butt section of the LZ Steel and potentially a little lower ball flight but not much. The LZ Steel shafts in general start playing a little stiffer in the lower irons so be aware of that. No need to soft or hard step as they are very similar.

      • Amit Singh

        Thanks, Dan. Just one clarification. When you “stiffer in the lower irons”, do you mean the 4-5 irons or 8-9 irons?

        • Sorry, Amit. I mean the 8-9 irons. The LZ’s seem to profile almost like a “flighted” set of irons.

          • Amit Singh

            Thank you, Dan. Very helpful advice.

  • Jerome

    If I currently play the project X 5.5’s would I play the 5.5’s in the LZ’s?

    • No. The 6.0’s hard stepped once will be closer to the standard PX 5.5’s.

      • Jerome

        If the PX 5.5’d felt a little stiff for my swing would I be ok just going with the LZ 6.0’s straight in? My driver swing speed is 95 and my 150 yard club is my 7 iron. I tend to hit a high ball.

        • Yes, that should work. What heads?

          • Jerome

            Currently Ping G’s but looking to get into the 718 AP1’s

          • Yeah, do the 6.0s straight in. The AP1 heads are a little light so make sure you get them built to the swing weight you want.

          • Jerome

            I’m trying to get more distance out of this set vs my G’s with the PX 5.5’s. Would I still stick with the LZ 6.0’s? Thanks again for all the advice.

          • Well, you could soft step the 6.0’s but I would not go to the 5.5’s as the weight will be a little light and shot dispersion could be a little wider than you would like.

          • Jerome

            If I soft step the 6.0’s will it cause the ball flight to be higher?

          • Slightly but not a huge difference.

          • Brett


            I’m in the same boat as Jerome. I play the Ping G25’s in the PX 5.5’s. I’m getting a little older and have noticed I’m not hitting my irons as far as before. Interested in the PX LZ’s as well and funny enough looking for them in a set of AP1’s. My swing speed is mid 90’s with my driver and a high ball hitter with my irons. Could I hard step a set of PX LZ 5.5s? I noticed the weight of the LZ 5.5’s are 115g, aren’t the PX 5.5’s the same weight? Thanks in advance and sorry Jerome for high jacking your post.


          • The profiles of the 5.5 and 6.0 are so similar that from a weight perspective, if you hard stepped the 5.5 you would get better dispersion and still keep that mid launch/trajectory. Remember, the PX 5.5 shafts are know to be higher spin/higher trajectory than originally advertised so you should like the trajectory and feel of the LZ Steel.

  • Craig

    I have just got new irons JPX900 with project x LZ 6.0 shafts. I played DG S300. Are these similar in stiffness.

    • They will play about a half flex softer and weigh 10 grams less but you may find the feel fairly similar. The key is ball flight and shot dispersion. If you are a smooth tempo guy, you may like the LZ 6.0 shafts a lot.

  • DOH

    Dan, I currently play Dynamic Gold S300 and hit the Project X LZ 5.5 6 iron and like the feel but was not able to hit the 6.0. Would you recommend staying with the 5.5 or go to the 6.0 and get a little more stiffness but added weight ?

    • Interesting that you did not hit the 6.0 well. Was it solid contact but misses left and right or just not a good feel and contact? If you feel you need the added weight, go for the 6.0 but soft step the shafts for a feel closer to the 5.5.

  • John

    I play mizuno MP59 (KBS Tour R); 7 iron 140 yards. 12 handicap – 68 year old; Looking at Mizuno JPX900 forged: What Project X shaft would you suggest ?

    • I would go with the PX LZ 5.5 as it plays a little soft to flex. It will give you a little lower ball flight than the KBS Tour R is that is OK… You will LOVE the the JPX900 Forged…great iron.